The Morning After, A Religious Fig Leaf, Biden's Bile

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Morning After


We know more this morning about what was said at yesterday’s White House celebration of same-sex marriage.  First, some quick history.


The misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” allegedly did two things:  It codified same-sex marriage as well as interracial marriage in federal law.  Do you see what’s strange about this? 


Once again, the left has co-opted the Civil Rights movements to provide cover for the demands of the militant homosexual rights movement.  Treating someone equally regardless of skin color does not equate to what should be private sexual behaviors.  The left likes to say, “Stay out of my bedroom.”  Fine.  Just keep it there! 


Fifty-five years ago, the Supreme Court unanimously overturned laws against interracial marriage.  In fact, one of the things happening in American society, which shows the absurdity of the left’s charge that America is “inherently racist,” is the growing number of interracial marriages and the growing number of people who identify as “mixed race” or don’t feel that they identify as any one race.


In contrast, same-sex marriage was declared legal by the Supreme Court by one vote just seven years ago.  So, the “Respect for Marriage Act” really had nothing to do with interracial marriage. 


If there were a serious threat to interracial marriage in America, that would surely come as a big surprise to Justice Clarence Thomas and his wonderful wife, Ginny!


Interracial marriage was only included in the legislation as a political ploy to make it harder for some weak-kneed politicians to vote against it. 


There was only one purpose to this bill – to restrict the rights of millions of Americans who don’t want to be part of same-sex marriages and to punish any religious group, like Catholic Charities, that follows the teachings of its faith on marriage and family. 


Faith-based organizations and individuals will now face greater legal jeopardy.  There is no question about that.




A Religious Fig Leaf


When the left and its LGBTQ+ allies wanted to seduce enough Republicans to get this bill through the Senate, they included language that purportedly addressed concerns about religious liberty.  


Here’s one line often quoted by the bill’s defenders and the liberal media: “Diverse beliefs about the role of gender in marriage are held by reasonable and sincere people based on decent and honorable religious or philosophical premises.” 


That compromise language is supposed to reassure us that millions of faithful Americans won’t be marginalized.  I’m not buying it.  It’s completely disingenuous. 


When has the left EVER demonstrated any tolerance for diverse beliefs, especially those based on religious premises?


Moreover, in his opinion legalizing same-sex marriage, Justice Anthony Kennedy explicitly rejected the idea that laws upholding traditional marriage were based on anything rational and decent, but were instead rooted in “animus” and bigotry. 


And that’s exactly what the left is arguing RIGHT NOW in the latest religious liberty case currently before the Supreme Court.  Under questioning from Justice Samuel Alito, Colorado’s government lawyer equated opposition to same-sex marriage with bigoted opposition to interracial marriage.  So much for “tolerance.” 


If there’s any bigotry and animus involved in this debate, it’s coming from the left and it’s aimed at men and women of faith.


Help me fight back!




Biden’s Bile


If tolerance for sincerely held religious views is supposed to matter, one would expect that view would have been reflected at the White House celebration yesterday.  And as President Biden was the main speaker, he set the tone. 


His speech was a vicious attack on half the country -- the Supreme Court,  conservatives, and anyone who continues to believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. 


Biden called the Supreme Court “extreme.”  He suggested that if you believe in traditional marriage, you’re as bad as a racist or an anti-Semite.  He claimed that gays are being kicked out of restaurants today. 


Maybe that’s happened somewhere.  I haven’t read about it.  But I do know that just two weeks ago Christians were kicked out of a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia.  So much for their “sincere” and “honorable” beliefs.


Biden also attacked parents and conservative state legislators trying to protect children from radical gender ideology as “callous.”  And he accused us of targeting children, in this case “transgender” children.  But, of course, the truth is the exact opposite. 


Insane leftists are targeting young, impressionable children, trying to ensure that as many of those children as possible undergo complex medical procedures that mutilate their bodies.  They are giving children powerful drugs with severe long-term consequences


And they are using the power of big government to marginalize anyone who objects.  Some leftist politicians even want to put parents in jail if they don’t “affirm” progressive delusions that boys can become girls.




Biden’s Values


Multiple news accounts and several attendees at yesterday’s White House event bemoaned how drag queens are being targeted by “hate.”  They aren’t. 


Drag queens have been a subcultural phenomenon for decades.  Some people think they’re amusing.  In the 1970s, if you wanted to see drag queens, you went to New York City or Las Vegas.  There was no “targeting” of drag queens then and no one is targeting them now. 


But one thing has changed.  Now we’re being told that drag queens have a right to parade in front of your children.  In progressive America in 2022, if you want to see drag queens just go to your local elementary school or library during children’s reading hour.


As one commentator put it, the question isn’t why shouldn’t children see drag queens.  The question is: Why do some drag queens insist on having an audience of children?


One of the drag queens Biden invited to the White House yesterday performed at an elite Episcopal high school and twerked in front of kids.  Another of Biden’s invited “queens” tweeted disgusting, sexually explicit comments about children.


I don’t know if any of the 12 Republican senators and 39 House Republicans who voted for this horrible legislation are having second thoughts.  But hearing the vicious attacks on conservatives yesterday, I hope they realize now what they’ve done. 


The left whispered in their “itching” ears like a seducer to a woman he wants to exploit.  And after the seducer is through with you, you’re shown the door, knowing you’ve been used and abused. 


To those 51 Republicans:  Be more careful about who you go home with at night politically.  The left just used you to beat up and abuse the vast majority of people who vote for you.




Looking Ahead


Several articles I reviewed reported that Biden defended drag queens who are being targeted by conservatives.  The articles specifically mentioned Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who filed a complaint against a bar that hosted drag shows for kids.


Here we go, friends.  The left is all in on this insanity, and we had better be prepared to fight back. 


Many people believe that Donald Trump can’t win because he’s been “damaged.”  They think Ron DeSantis or “fill-in-the-blank” can win because they’re not Donald Trump.  That may be true.  But that’s before the left’s smear machine has gone into “high gear” against any of those candidates.


Remember how conservatives were told that Mitt “Mr. Clean” Romney was the one guy who could beat Barack Obama?  The left smeared him for outsourcing jobs and even killing a woman


John “War Hero” McCain was smeared as the second coming of George Wallace and as mentally unstable because of his time in a North Vietnamese POW camp.


Just to be clear, I believe that any conservative -- with the right strategy -- can win.  But they won’t prevail without a brutal fight because the left has developed a political “killing machine.”  And only someone who can punch back hard will make it through a dirty fight with today’s neo-Marxist left.




Another Senate Sellout


Senate negotiators have reportedly agreed on a $1.7 trillion framework deal to fund the federal government through September of 2023. 


That means Senate Republicans are on the verge of signing onto a deal that takes up almost half the time the newly elected House majority will be in office.  Needless to say, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is adamantly opposed to this deal because it ties his hands for the next year to liberal spending priorities.


The only deal Senate Republicans should be offering is this:  There will be no deal on government funding without specific, iron-clad requirements to secure the border, which is in absolute chaos right now


That should be the only thing they’re talking about.  Force Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to shut down the government over their refusal to secure the border. 


ACTION ITEM:  Call your senators now at 202-224-3121.  Tell them to oppose the omnibus funding deal and to support a short-term continuing resolution so the new Republican House can exercise the power of the purse.