Murder On The Hill, A Clear Pattern, Major League Lies

Monday, April 5, 2021

Murder On The Hill


Capitol Hill came under attack Friday. A car rammed a security barrier, striking two Capitol Hill police officers in the process. The driver then jumped out of the car, armed with a knife, and lunged at the officers. The attacker was shot and killed.


Capitol Hill Police Officer William Evans, an 18-year veteran of the department, was killed in the attack. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, including his two young children. Evans was doing an important job on Capitol Hill, and he deserves to be remembered and honored for his service. 


Friday's attack provided further evidence of how every news event is being filtered through a left-wing narrative in order to mold public opinion. The primary facts about the killer were often left out of most media reports. 


The media reported that he quoted the Book of Revelation and that the attack occurred on Good Friday. Was the driver a radical right Christian? Nothing could be further from the truth.


The media initially said that authorities could not find any link between the attacker and extremist groups. That was a lie. The attacker was a black Muslim, and a follower of Louis Farrakhan, whose stock and trade is hateful extremism aimed at America, Jews and whites. 


Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus know just how extreme Louis Farrakhan is. That's why they went to great lengths to hide pictures for 13 years of a secret event they held with Farrakhan so the public would not associate Obama with the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader.


Just to be clear about this, the man who murdered Officer William Evans was a black supremacist. That is the philosophy of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. 


Not only was that phrase not used in any media reporting that I saw, but something even more telling happened. In a country where the media and the political left are obsessed with race, the killer quickly became a man with no race. I did not hear one reporter describe the attacker as a black man. 




A Clear Pattern


In case you don't see the pattern, ponder this. There have been three violent attacks in recent weeks: A white man in Atlanta killed eight people at Asian massage parlors; a Muslim Syrian in Boulder, Colorado, killed 10 white people in a store known for its Kosher foods days before Passover; and a black Muslim attacked Capitol Hill, killing a white police officer. 


Is it a coincidence that only one of these three incidents set off another round of media hysteria about hate crimes and America's systemic racism? But early evidence from the Atlanta murders, including the attacker's confession, shows virtually no indication of racism. 


Meanwhile, authorities are still struggling to figure out what could have possibly motivated the other attacks by two Muslims.




Major League Lies


Spring is here. "Play Ball!" is ringing out in major league stadiums all over America. Baseball is the all-American sport, and it draws fans from every demographic. 


But sadly, this season began on a sour note. Major League Baseball decided to go to bat against efforts to restore the integrity of our elections. Of course, that's not how they described it. 


They claimed that the commonsense efforts of Georgia's elected representatives to ensure that only legal votes are counted was an unacceptable throwback to the days of "Jim Crow" voter suppression.


To show their "wokeness," they moved the All-Star Game, which was scheduled to be played this summer in Atlanta, out of the state of Georgia. And they did so based on a series of lies about the state's new voter integrity law.


There's one main thing in Georgia's new law that the left considers a mortal threat. And that's requiring an ID to vote. Polling shows that Americans of all races overwhelmingly support voter ID laws, including nearly 70% of black voters. By the way, this is the same Major League Baseball that requires an ID to pick up tickets


The MLB is desperately trying to do business in communist China. The last time I checked, communist China doesn't have free elections. It regularly oppresses free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.


It is engaged in a massive military buildup that not only threatens its neighbors, but also the future of the United States. Moreover, the communist regime is engaged in genocide against the ethnic Uyghur minority, while it persecutes Christians and other faiths.


But evidently Chairman Xi, who has ordered pastors to replace paintings of Jesus with pictures of himself, does not morally offend baseball's bosses as much as the conservative legislators of Georgia.


Not surprisingly, former President Donald Trump had something to say about the controversy. In a statement, Trump declared, "Boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections. Are you listening Coke, Delta, and all!"


I think every conservative should be pointing out that the left is fighting tooth-and-nail against popular commonsense voter ID laws. That's not a movement fighting for voting rights. That's a movement scared to death it will be caught cheating!




Biden vs. Georgia


President Biden joined the left's attack on Georgia, urging sports teams and businesses to boycott the Peach State.  Small businesses in Georgia, especially in Atlanta, will lose tens of millions of dollars due to the loss of the All-Star game. Many small businesses that survived the pandemic were counting on this event to help them get back on their feet. 


I would love to see a poll asking who Georgians blame for the economic hit they're about to take. Stacey Abrams, who is expected to make another run for governor next year, was quick to distance herself from the boycott efforts. That's very telling.


The fact is Joe Biden can't get his facts straight. (Neither can corporate America.) Biden got four Pinocchios from the Washington Post fact checker for one of his recent attacks on Georgia's election integrity law. The only reason he got four Pinocchios is because there isn't a five Pinocchio rating.  Biden got the top prize for telling the biggest whopper!




Nuclear Deal Disaster


Talks have started in Europe toward another nuclear deal with Iran.  While that was happening, the most significant event may have been an interview with Rob Malley, the Biden Administration's special envoy for Iran. He told PBS that the administration was preparing to lift sanctions against the world's leading state-sponsor of terrorism. 


Malley said:


"We're prepared to come back into compliance if Iran is prepared to come back into compliance.  So we will have to go . . . [look] at those sanctions and [see] what we have to do so that Iran enjoys the benefits that it was supposed to enjoy under the deal."


Just to be clear, Iran enjoyed tremendous benefits for several years under the previous Obama/Biden nuclear deal. It did nothing to improve Iran's behavior. In fact, it got worse. Iran was emboldened by our appeasement.


Needless to say, Malley's remarks sparked tremendous concern in Jerusalem. Senior Israeli officials said the comments and the outreach to Tehran were "very troubling" since "in the past, the Biden Administration talked about a 'longer and stronger' deal," while Malley seems to be suggesting they are ready to reenter the old deal and give the Iranians some sort of reparations.


Here's something to consider: The original Obama/Biden deal was never ratified by the Senate. Obama deliberately evaded the constitutional requirement for treaties or major international agreements. Will Joe Biden do so again and ignore the Senate with his deal too? I expect he will because I cannot imagine a nuclear deal with Iran passing on an up or down vote in the Senate.


American Values vehemently opposed the first Iran nuclear deal, as did Christians United for Israel (CUFI). I was a founding board member of CUFI, and I am extremely proud of how the two organizations stood together on this. 


I have no doubt that we and many others will stand against any attempt to reward the Islamic Republic of Iran while it continues to demand "Death to Israel" and "Death to America."