Must Not See TV, Trump Responds, Another Biden Record

Friday, June 10, 2022
Must Not See TV
Last night’s Pelosi Show was a prime waste of time. It was also a primetime attack on our constitutional Republic. It was, as one conservative columnist put it, “un-American.”
It was nearly two hours of primetime political ads, paid for at taxpayer expense. Joe Biden should have been forced to appear at the end, saying, “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message. And, by the way, you paid for it.” They even brought in a network TV executive to produce this Nazi/Soviet-style propaganda film.
Here’s more evidence that this is not a legitimate hearing with any legitimate legislative purpose.
The committee cherry picked President Trump’s words from a Fox News interview describing the massive crowd that gathered to hear him speak that day. They juxtaposed the president’s words about the “good people” and “love in the air” over images of the small fraction of people who entered the Capitol.
Other witnesses are also accusing the committee of selectively editing their testimony. No court in America would allow such outrageous distortions to be admitted as evidence. That’s disgusting. But that’s what propagandists do. 
This is exactly what the left did with the “very fine people” hoax. They took Trump’s words totally out of context to suggest he was praising neo-Nazis when in fact he condemned them. 
This whole thing is a massive disinformation campaign. As law professor Alan Dershowitz, a self-described liberal and Biden voter, put it:
"This is a kangaroo court. This is a fixed jury. This is a group of people who are selected with a predetermined narrative. . . So nobody should take [it] seriously.”
It’s too early to tell whether this moved the needle in any meaningful way. And multiple Republicans are forcefully pushing back. (Herehere, and here.)
Trump Responds
Former President Donald Trump responded to last night’s “hearing” in a post on his new social media platform, Truth Social. Trump wrote:
"So, the Unselect Committee of political HACKS refuses to play any of the many positive witnesses and statements, refuses to talk of the Election Fraud and Irregularities that took place on a massive scale, and decided to use a documentary maker from Fake News ABC to spin only negative footage. Our Country is in such trouble!"
Responding to the allegations that he supported the threats of violence against former Vice President Mike Pence, Trump wrote: "I NEVER said, or even thought of saying, 'Hang Mike Pence.' This is either a made-up story by somebody looking to become a star, or FAKE NEWS!"
The Double Standard On Display
Just hours before last night’s show trial began, Biden’s FBI arrested one of the last remaining Republican candidates in the race for governor of Michigan. (The other leading candidates were all suspiciously kicked off the ballot.)
The charges against the candidate are all relatively minor. He’s essentially being accused of trespassing on federal property. He never entered the Capitol Building. But for this minor trespassing infraction, the FBI hunted him down and arrested him. 
If only the Bureau was that aggressive with Antifa! 
As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy notes, the double standard is once again on full display as the feds turn a blind eye to the radical pro-abortion demonstrators who are attempting to intimidate Supreme Court justices.
This is an extraordinary development. It seems to suggest that almost everyone on Capitol Hill that day may be subject to arrest. Are we going to see nationwide raids from the Biden Administration (the same people who targeted concerned parents as “domestic terrorists) linked to the hearings regularly taking place?
By the way, the five candidates kicked off the ballot all had the same petition problem. Really? All of them? That almost sounds like sabotage. And now one of the last remaining candidates was arrested on the opening day of the Pelosi Show. What a remarkable coincidence! (Hardly.)
Another Biden Record
May’s inflation rate set another record – 8.6% on an annualized basis, the highest in more than 40 years. And, yes, Joe Biden did that!
So, just hours after last night’s worthless “hearing” that had no bearing on the pain hard-working Americans are feeling every day, we get this terrible news about how Biden’s policies are destroying America.
Where’s the nationally televised hearing about Biden’s record inflation crisis? 
Where’s the nationally televised hearing about Biden’s record COVID’s deaths? 
Where’s the nationally televised hearing about Biden’s record crime crisis?
Where’s the nationally televised hearing about Biden’s record drug overdoses?
Where’s the nationally televised hearing about Biden’s record illegal immigration? 
Speaking Of Immigration. . .
As we reported earlier, President Biden is in California for the Summit of the Americas. He’s there, as he put it, “to launch the Los Angeles Declaration, a ground-breaking, integrated new approach to managing migration and sharing responsibility across the hemisphere.” 
Do you feel like sharing responsibility for Mexico, Ecuador or Venezuela? This is globalism. This is putting America last.
The result of Biden’s “managing” and “sharing” is that Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, getting crushed by his insane gas prices and inflation, will now be forced to compete for job opportunities against millions of migrants from south of the border. 
He’s making it harder to maintain and improve the standard of living in America. He’s making it harder for our schools to fully recover from COVID. He’s making it harder to keep English our national language. He’s making it harder to ensure that illegal aliens are not voting in our elections. (Allowing illegal aliens to vote is a key goal of the left.)
Biden has no authority, that I am aware of, to commit us to an open borders deal with Latin America. There’s been no vote in Congress to dramatically change existing immigration laws to allow more ways to bring even more people into America.
Stop Iran Now
The International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, issued a shocking waring about Iran’s nefarious activities yesterday. The ayatollah’s regime is removing dozens of surveillance cameras from key facilities so the world will be blind to its obvious nuclear weaponization efforts.
Rafael Grossi, head of the IAEA, said:
“We are in a very tense situation with the negotiations over the (nuclear deal) at a low ebb. Now we are adding this to the picture; as you can see it’s not a very nice one.”
Grossi added that Iran’s latest move to shut off the cameras represents “a fatal blow” to Biden’s dreams of a new nuclear deal with Tehran -- another total waste. 
After more than a year of appeasing Iran, undermining Israel, and alienating the Saudis, Biden has nothing to show for it. Again, he’s giving stupid a bad name. In addition to every disaster we’re facing at home, now we’re on the verge of a nuclear Iran.  
Here’s another reason why we shouldn’t be rewarding Iran: A new report by our friends at the Philos Project finds that Iranian-backed militias are waging an “invisible jihad” against Christians in the Middle East.  
The Trump/Pence Administration was serious about ending the genocide against Christians in the Middle East. The Biden Administration is turning a blind eye. It actually removed Nigeria from the list of religious liberty violators.
Other Headlines
  • Senate Republicans are proposing legislation that would allow states to spend $150 billion in unused COVID relief money to improve school safety.
  • State lawmakers in Florida and Texas are considering legislation to criminalize taking children to drag shows.
  • The CDC was forced to back down from its efforts to reimpose the mask mandate on airlines over monkeypox.
  • A key advisory group to the World Health Organization investigating the origins of COVID-19 announced yesterday that the lab leak theory deserved serious consideration and investigation.