My Talk With Trump, Tone Deaf, Other Headlines

Friday, September 3, 2021

My Talk With Trump


I was on a great call yesterday with President Trump and many other faith leaders. The president sounded rested, energetic, really on his game, and raring to go. He talked for more than 30 minutes on a wide variety of subjects. 


The record call was "off the record," so I can't go into the details. But suffice it to say that Trump has not missed a step, and he remains deeply concerned about our country. He believes it is imperative that religious liberty in America be defended if we are going to prevail in the many struggles that confront us today.


I am also pleased to report that he has reestablished the National Faith Advisory Board that was so active during the Trump/Pence Administration, and I am proud to be among the key leaders of this important organization.




Upside Down


I wonder if Joe Biden has been humming the great 1980s hit by Diana Ross entitled, "Upside Down." Referring to someone she was in love with, Ross sang, "Upside down you turn me." Well, the American people have just turned Biden upside down, but not because they are in love with him. 


According to the latest poll from the famously liberal National Public Radio, Biden's approval rating has fallen to 43%, a record low in NPR's polling, while 51% disapprove. That means Biden's approval rating is upside down by eight points.


And there's more bad news for Biden. The latest Morning Consult poll finds that 61% of Americans think our country is "seriously off track."


And there's more bad news. The August jobs report missed expectations by 500,000 jobs. Just 235,000 new jobs were created last month. Economists had predicted 720,000 new jobs. 


But wait. . . There's more bad news for Biden.


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is now publicly on the record opposing the left's massive $3.5 trillion spending bill.




Tone Deaf


During the campaign, and with the full cooperation of the left-wing media, Biden was able to manipulate the narrative and always seemed to have the right tone. But since then, he's been completely tone deaf. 


For example, as hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens cross our southern border and as Democrats block every effort to finish the border wall (the easiest and most logical thing to do), the Biden Administration just announced that it is building border facilities in Tajikistan


Maybe Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy should send a fact finding mission to Tajikistan to find out how they got Biden to build a border wall. 


By the way, the new Mu variant that has many scientists concerned is quickly becoming the dominant variant in Colombia and Ecuador


Meanwhile, I still can't figure out if Biden regularly lies because he forgets that we have instant Internet fact checks now or whether, as some increasingly suspect, he's suffering from significant mental impairment. I'm not trying to be mean, but if the latter is true, it has tremendous national security implications for the country.


Here's what I'm talking about: During a call yesterday to Jewish leaders, Biden reminded the audience that he had visited the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh after the horrific shooting there in October of 2018. There's just one problem: He didn't visit the Tree of Life synagogue.


There is a history here that is not explained by advanced dementia. Biden has a habit of embellishing the facts, to put it politely. 



The guy Joe Biden describes would be a formidable president!




Media Malfeasance


We have written extensively this week about the two phone calls made by Presidents Trump and Biden. Nobody can deny they are newsworthy especially since Trump's call was the basis of a historic impeachment effort. 


But aside from Fox News, not one of the major networks last night – not ABC, not CBS, not CNN, not NBC – devoted one second to Biden's outrageous call with Afghan President Ghani.


And if you want another example of outrageous media bias, check this out.




Celebrating Life


With everything else that is going on, we should take a moment to celebrate the fact that the Supreme Court allowed Texas's pro-life heartbeat law to stand for now. As it turns out the vote was 5-to-4. (It's not guaranteed that the law will ultimately survive current legal challenges, but this is a hopeful sign.) 


Three of the five justices who upheld the law were appointed by Donald Trump. I am proud of the major role I played in those confirmation battles. (Just imagine if those vacancies had been filled by Hillary Clinton!) 


During yesterday's White House press conference, Owen Jensen from the Catholic news outlet EWTN, challenged Biden's support for abortion on demand in view of his full-scale attack on the Supreme Court and the Texas law. 


Press Secretary Jen Psaki lashed out at Jensen, saying, "I know you've never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant." It's the left's tired argument that half of the country should have no say on a life-and-death issue. 


But wait a minute. This administration won't even use the word "mother." They use the word "birthing people" because they think men can give birth too. This from the administration that claims it always follows the science. 


No, men can't give birth. But when it comes to challenging their abortion on demand position, leftists suddenly drop the woke nonsense and take the opposite position, which is true, that only women can give birth.


Did the optics of this debate cause anyone at the White House to think twice? After a week where Biden has been accused of having the blood of our dead Marines on his hands, now he thinks it's a really good idea for the nation to continue to have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent aborted babies on our hands.




Other Headlines


  • Twenty Republican state attorneys general filed a federal law suit against the Biden Education Department arguing that its transgender mandates unconstitutionally change federal law.


  • The Virginia Supreme Court sided with a Christian public school teacher who was suspended for publicly objecting to Loudoun County's transgender pronoun policy. (A trial seeking to overturn the pronoun policy is still pending.)


  • More and more parents are pulling their children out of the government-run public schools and embracing homeschooling or private education.


  • A California teacher, who removed the American flag from her classroom and had students pledge their allegiance to the "gay pride" flag, has been removed from the classroom and placed on leave pending an investigation.


  • A California social studies teacher, who was also an Antifa activist and a communist, is being fired after admitting to undercover journalists that he uses his classroom to turn students into "revolutionaries." That's one down. How many more to go?




L'Shanah Tovah


To all of our Jewish friends and supporters, Carol and I wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah!