Newborn Baby Found Alive, Abandoned in Apartment Dumpster


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

by Steven Ertelt | Houston, TX | | 2/25/14 1:28 PM

In yet another abandoned baby case, a newborn was found alive abandoned in an apartment dumpster in Houston, Texas.

LifeNews has reported on a number of cases in recent months of babies who have been abandoned in a variety of places and left to die. These kinds of cases are occurring despite laws in numerous states helping to protect newborns from infanticide by allowing a mother to surrender her baby at someplace such as a hospital or fire station so the newborn can be cared for and placed with an adoptive family instead of killed.

Local news media have more on this latest incident:

Houston police are investigating a report of a baby found in a dumpster in southeast Houston.

Officers were called to the Windmall Lakes Reserve apartment complex at about 8:30 a.m. on a report of a newborn baby found alive in a dumpster.

A man named Carlos was going through the trash when he heard a noise. At first, he thought it might be an animal, but after further searching discovered the baby in a bag. EMS crews were called the scene.

The baby was conscious and breathing. He was taken to a nearby medical center for assessment and treatment. Children’s Protective Services has been notified.

Authorities are now investigating to try to find the baby’s mother.