No God? No Peace & No Justice, Left-wing Lies, Coddling Communist China

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

No God? No Peace & No Justice


Washington, D.C., is in shock after a six year-old girl was gunned down Friday night while riding her scooter. Saturday evening, a gunfight erupted outside a Washington Nationals baseball game, injuring three people. 


Everyone is asking, "Why?" But Washington isn't unique. It's happening all over the country in cities of all sizes.


Politicians and pundits rail against guns and mumble about root causes like social injustice. But violent crime and corruption in government and throughout our society have been growing year after year. There are two basic reasons, and both are rooted in left-wing culture and politics.


The first is a growing lack of respect for law enforcement. Millions of people have been taught by our permissive culture and the left that they have no reason to fear punishment in this life. If you commit a crime, the police may not catch you because they are increasingly handcuffed by liberal policies. If you are caught and convicted, you're likely to be quickly released. 


And because of the growing disrespect for law enforcement and the left's efforts to "defund the police," many police officers are walking away from the Thin Blue Line, leaving a void that is being filled by opportunistic criminals and gangs.


But a more fundamental reason for the growing disorder is bigger than not fearing punishment in this life. It's the growing belief that there's no judgment in the next life either.


The secular, anti-religious left has been insisting for years that there is no God, and this short time on Earth is all there is. If you believe that, then why not take what you can? If you're strong enough, take a weaker person's property. If the cops can't catch you, and there's no God to judge you, why bother being nice?


Of course, some people don't believe in God and still live decent lives. That's because they're living in a society that has a reservoir of Judeo-Christian values. But as that reservoir recedes, and as our churches become empty, our jails will become full. 


So, while the Senate debates legislation to restore our crumbling infrastructure this week, I hope we don't forget our growing moral decay. There's no government program that can make up for the breakdown of the family or the breakdown of reliable standards of right and wrong. As our founding fathers wisely warned us, only a moral people can remain free.




Left-wing Lies


The whole left-wing complex is attempting to promote panic by warning that COVID is coming back. They're blaming its return on Trump supporters who aren't being vaccinated, and, as Joe Biden put it, social media posts that are killing people. 


There may well be a lower rate of vaccinations among Trump supporters, millions of whom live in rural America and have decided they don't need the vaccine. But there are also millions of urban minorities who apparently do not want the vaccine. There are millions of young, healthy Americans who have also concluded that they are at little risk of serious harm if they get the virus. 


President Biden, Vice President Harris and the left-wing media have no one to blame for the slowdown in vaccinations but themselves. When President Trump announced he would get a vaccine through the bureaucracy in record time, Kamala Harris and Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed it wouldn't be safe because it was "rushed." 


The same people who urged Americans not to trust the "Trump vaccines" are now distributing the "Trump vaccines." Last year they were vaccine skeptics. Now they are vaccine "Nazis." 


But that's not all that the left did to cause vaccine hesitancy. They have given us mixed messages about masks, and are now pushing for new mask mandates. There's renewed talk of more lockdowns. Millions of Americans must be wondering why they should bother taking the vaccine if life is going to be totally disrupted again.


Instead of attacking conservatives and social media, Biden should summon the FDA leadership to the White House. If the vaccines are safe and effective, as we're told they are, why are they still being administered under only emergency authorizations? Biden should pressure FDA bureaucrats to quit dragging their feet.


Over the last six months, I have talked to healthcare workers in various medical offices. They have lowered their voices and said, "I'm not taking it until it's finally approved." I believe this is one of the factors in the continued reluctance of many Americans to get vaccinated.


By the way, while Biden and Harris are using scare tactics to get us all vaccinated, they're allowing thousands of people to illegally cross our southern border every day. Many of them have COVID. Many of them are refusing to be vaccinated. So, mandates are being reimposed on Americans, but liberals are allowing the border to remain wide open.




Biden's Border Crisis


Hundreds of illegal aliens showed up at a border crossing yesterday in Del Rio, Texas. Approximately 500 forced their way into the country, many from Haiti and Venezuela. This is beyond outrageous! But the only reason you know about it is because it was caught on camera


Unfortunately, only several hundred people crossing the border on any given day would be "good news."


The latest figures show that 190,000 illegal aliens attempted to cross the southern border in June. That's more than 6,000 people a day! It's the largest monthly total in 21 years. 


This wasn't happening last year under Donald Trump and Mike Pence. It's happening because of the open border policies of the Biden/Harris Administration. The whole world has gotten the message, and they are coming by the hundreds of thousands.


If Washington liberals cared about illegal immigration, they would be trying to finish Trump's wall – a great infrastructure project. Instead, they're trying to shove a massive amnesty plan into their infrastructure bill. Just one more reason why this multi-trillion dollar monstrosity must be defeated!




The Left's Super Spreader Event


Whoever came up with the idea of jamming dozens of left-wing politicians into a private plane with a couple cases of beer and no masks for a flight to Washington, D.C., to prevent an election integrity bill from passing in Texas should resign in shame. 


Six of the Texas Democrats have now tested positive for COVID. The vice president had to be tested over the weekend. Now a White House staff member and a top aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi have also tested positive after meeting with the Texas Democrats. 


In the Trump era, the media called things like this a "super spreader event," but I'm not hearing that phrase now. 




Coddling Communist China


Donald Trump and Mike Pence spent four years confronting communist China, but the Biden Administration is coddling the brutal regime.


Earlier this year, the Biden Administration imposed sanctions against Russia for a series of cyberattacks. But the administration announced yesterday that it was not imposing sanctions against communist China for a massive cyberattack against Microsoft Exchange servers that took place this March.


The Microsoft hack wasn't an isolated incident. It's just the tip of the iceberg


Communist China has been hacking and stealing from us for years. They hacked the government's database of current and former federal employees. They have hacked our military. Chinese "researchers" on our university campuses have been arrested in recent years for spying, and hundreds more are under investigation. 


Sadly, Biden has always been soft on communist China. Let me remind you of his remarks in 2011 at Sichuan University:


"Let me be clear: I believed in 1979 and said so and I believe now that a rising China is a positive development . . . for the United States and the world as a whole. . .


"In order to cement this robust partnership, we have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing . . . go beyond it to include all levels of government, go beyond it to include classrooms and laboratories, athletic fields and boardrooms."


The Biden family has made a lot of money in communist China over the years. Does communist China have something on Hunter Biden that makes President Biden reluctant to confront their cyber war against us?