Not Dead Yet, It's Not Border Security, The San Judas Break

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Not Dead Yet


There’s been a lot of sensational reporting over the last 24 hours regarding the Senate’s so-called “border security deal.” Some reports even suggested that the bill was “dead.”  Don’t believe them. It is not dead yet.


Powerful forces, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, want this bill, and they will not go quietly into the night. 


But it is clear many Republican senators are angry that Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer is rushing to jam this through the Senate with a vote tomorrow. 


Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated he will vote against tomorrow’s vote to take up the legislation, and he’s urging other Republicans to do so in order to get more time to dig into the details. 


That is the bare minimum that should be done! If tomorrow’s vote is delayed or defeated, that will give you a chance to contact your senators during their upcoming recess.


ACTION ITEM:  Call your senators now at 202-224-3121.  Urge them to oppose any effort to advance the Schumer/Lankford “border security bill.”




It’s Not Border Security


One of the biggest problems with this bill -- and there are many -- is the supposed “emergency authority” that permits federal officials to “shut down the border.”


As we noted yesterday, this “emergency authority” actually legitimizes extreme levels of illegal immigration. It doesn’t kick in until we have an average of 5,000 illegal border crossings a day for seven days.  But there are many exceptions as to who gets counted to reach the threshold. Those exceptions are listed on page 206 of the bill.


The first two exceptions include American citizens and aliens with permanent residency.  I’m not sure why it was necessary to stipulate that citizens and legal residents are not to be counted as illegal aliens.


The next exception, however, is “an unaccompanied alien child.” That’s a huge loophole that will trigger a massive wave of human trafficking by the drug cartels and others who want to bring our country to its knees. 


They will simply walk children up the border, pushing the little kids out front. Thus, when their first footstep hits U.S. soil, they are an “unaccompanied alien child.” We’ve seen this happen before.


Moreover, the Biden administration often turns these children over to total strangers. They gutted the vetting of the child sponsors and literally lost 85,000 alien children. 


Many are exploited and forced to work in dangerous jobs or, even worse, they end up in sex trafficking -- enabled by Biden’s open border policies.  That’s left-wing “compassion” for you!


Every “unaccompanied child” that crosses the border will become part of the left’s future voting bloc. The left encourages the exploitation of children and then insists that it’s not the fault of the children who were brought across the border.  And the children will grow to become a favored left-wing special interest group, like the so-called “Dreamers.”


Elon Musk has posted several critical comments about illegal immigration and this terrible bill.  When he pointed out that much of the left’s open borders agenda is about power and enabling illegal voters, Senator James Lankford (R-OK), who helped write the bill, blew a gasket. 


Well, senator, I know you don’t not want illegal aliens to vote, but your anger at Elon Musk is misdirected. 


Do you really believe that in every major city inundated with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, where ID isn’t required to vote and everyone is registered to vote when they get a driver’s license, no illegal aliens are voting?  Really?


Open voting rights for “noncitizens” is already a major part of the left’s agenda.  They’re very open about it.  Wake up, senator!


By the way, let’s stop calling this a “bipartisan border security bill.” It does not have bipartisan support outside of Washington, D.C.  The overwhelming majority of the Republican Party is against it.


Some Swamp Republicans may support it, but what they have signed onto is really the “GOP suicide bill.”  If this terrible deal passes with significant Republican support, the Republican Party will have committed political suicide.




The San Judas Break


Not far from San Diego, California, there is a break in the border wall known as the “San Judas Break.”  The Trump administration filled the gap with wire while it worked to get the border wall finished.  But under Joe Biden, the wire has largely been pushed out of the way.


Reporters from “60 Minutes” recently visited the area and were stunned to observe so many illegal aliens pouring through this area, many of them from communist China.


The “60 Minutes” reporters asked a man who lives in the area how people 7,000 miles away in China could know about this gap, and yet the Biden administration isn’t doing anything about it. (They probably know about the gap because information about it is on TikTok.)


But why hasn’t the Biden administration closed the gap? The man replied, “I have asked this question to everyone, everyone that I ever contact in the Border Patrol who’s official at all,” and he’s never gotten an answer.


This is the kind of stuff that makes most people think, “Are we really that stupid?  Or is it intentional?” I think it’s intentional.


At a minimum, it’s a little “safety valve,” where hundreds of illegal aliens are crossing every day, relieving pressure on other places where thousands are crossing every day.


After the illegal aliens are picked up, the Border Patrol buses them to transit centers in San Diego, where various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) provide additional assistance to move the illegal aliens wherever they want to go. Less than one percent actually stay in San Diego.


One NGO worker told “60 Minutes” that some illegal aliens don’t need any help at all. “Some just need to charge their phone,” she said. “They call an Uber, and they’re gone.”


Those people are obviously well-off. Or they’re here because they have been sent by a government that wants them here.


Gordan Chang, an expert on communist China, has been warning for some time now that China is preparing to fight its next war in the streets of America’s cities.


Do we need new legislation to close this hole in our porous border?  No, Sen. Lankford, we don’t need new legislation to do that. 


So, if you’re working with a president and other left-wing senators who are allowing this to happen day after day, why would you trust them to be helpful in securing the border now?




Back To The Basics


The Super Bowl is this weekend, and there will be much attention on the seven-figure ads that run during the game.


Budweiser is still desperately trying to recover from its ill-fated decision to follow the leftists who had embedded themselves in the organization. They thought it would be a good idea to team up with a man who pretended to be a woman, i.e., a “trans woman,” as one of their online influencers. 


Well, Dylan Mulvaney sure did influence people . . . to not drink Bud Light!


Now the cavalry is coming to the rescue. Literally.  Budweiser is bringing out the iconic Clydesdale horses for this year’s Super Bowl ad. 


While I give them an A for effort, I just hope none of the horses identifies as transgender! 




Tune In To Family Talk


Did you know that there are roughly 1.25 million frozen embryos, just waiting for a chance at life? While most Americans don’t know about this new orphan crisis, pro-life men and women of faith are stepping up and adopting “snowflake babies.”


This week, I interviewed the Strege family on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show. John and Marlene were the first couple to adopt a “snowflake baby.” Their daughter, Hannah, now dreams of starting her own adoption counseling practice.


Click here to find Family Talk station listings.


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