Now They Want Compromise, Heading To Another Holocaust, The Left-wing Mob

Friday, December 3, 2021

What A Stench!


I want to revisit the absurd arguments made by the liberal justices during this week's hearing in the Mississippi case challenging Roe v. Wade


One of the more astonishing moments occurred when Justice Sonia Sotomayor suggested that the court would not survive the "stench of politics" if it allowed states to extend legal protections to preborn children.


Her argument was aimed directly at Chief Justice John Roberts, who has twisted himself in knots on major decisions in recent years in order to "protect the perception" of the Supreme Court. But in doing so, he always sides with the left. Why? 


Liberal justices have never cared about public opinion. They have never hesitated to use the Supreme Court to force radical change on the American people, whether it was expelling God from our public schools, finding a right to abortion that was mysteriously hidden for 200 years or redefining the meaning of marriage – another right that never existed until five liberals invented it.


Amending the Constitution is hard to do. You need supermajority votes in Congress and the approval of 38 states. But liberals figured out that they could avoid those hurdles if they had just five votes on the Supreme Court, which they have routinely used as a "mini constitutional convention."


Another shocking moment occurred when Sotomayor suggested that babies growing in the womb were not really alive. She compared preborn children to "dead-brain people."  (Her words, not mine.) 


Justice Sotomayor is obviously a very accomplished lady. But I guess she must have skipped her biology classes at Princeton and Yale.


Where is the "follow the science" lobby on this one? The "dead-brain person" is not going to become a fully functioning human being. But the preborn child will become a fully functioning adult human being, perhaps even a future Supreme Court justice! 


Sotomayor's "logic" is why the pro-abortion lobby vehemently opposes states laws that require a mother pondering an abortion to have a ultrasound procedure so they can make a fully informed decision. 


Many abortion-minded women who see a sonogram of their preborn child often say that they were told it was just a "clump of tissue," but the sonogram showed them it was a living baby.


If Sotomayor ever resigns from the court, I'm sure she can get a job lobbying for Planned Parenthood.




Now They Want Compromise


Today's Washington Post has a story lamenting the fact that a "compromise" in the Mississippi case appears unlikely. They must be joking! 


For 48 years, every compromise on abortion was crushed by the left's iron fist. Popular "compromises" like informed consent laws, parental consent laws, bans on late-term abortions and public funding for abortions have been flatly rejected by the left. 


But now they're whining about "compromise" and the "stench of politics." How about the "stench" of more than 60 million dead babies?!


You can learn a lot more about the "stench of politics" and the left's real interest in "compromise" in another Washington Post article today. It's all about the "urgency among Senate Democrats to fundamentally alter how the [Supreme Court] operates." 


Yes, court packing is back on their agenda. Now that really stinks!




Stand With Me!


My friends, it's all hands on deck! The radical left is going all out to preserve abortion on demand.


We must fight back!


Please stand with me now -- especially when you can DOUBLE your support!




Heading To Another Holocaust?


I know that is a jarring headline. But Joe Biden's weakness toward Iran, which is dedicated to destroying Israel, is reminiscent of what some "nice old guys," like Neville Chamberlain, did in the 1930s. 


Biden has begged Iran to come back to the nuclear talks ever since he first occupied the Oval Office. The ayatollah has finally agreed. But just as the talks began this week, the International Atomic Energy Agency delivered an astonishing and disturbing report


Iran has dramatically escalated its uranium enrichment at the nuclear center in Fordow -- a location where the 2015 Obama/Biden deal prohibited any enrichment efforts at all.


The political left in America cheered when Benjamin Netanyahu lost the most recent Israeli election. But Bibi Netanyahu was never the impediment to peace in the Middle East. Iran is responsible for the chaos and the mayhem that plagues the region. 


There is no political movement in Israel – none – that favors a nuclear-armed Iran. 


Reacting to the IAEA's report, an angry Prime Minister Naftali Bennett picked up the phone and called Secretary of State Antony Blinken, demanding that Biden end these talks immediately because Iran is using nuclear blackmail to get what the mullahs want.


Every member of Congress who claims to be pro-Israel should be demanding the same thing today.


Russia thinks Joe Biden is all talk on Ukraine.  Communist China thinks Biden is all talk on defending Taiwan. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, thinks Biden is all talk on our alliance with Israel. 


I want to close with a word to the handful of neo-cons who were so anti-Trump they convinced themselves that Joe Biden would be a strong foreign policy president: He isn't. Afghanistan proved that. 


I'm still waiting for one of them to step up to a mic and apologize for how their ignorance contributed to the mess America is in today.




The Left-wing Mob


The growing violence in our major cities is a total breakdown of the social contract between local citizens and their elected leaders. We saw this same anarchy last year where there was mass looting in city after city, virtually all of them dominated by left-wing politicians. That was done under the ruse of social justice. 


But the mass looting has continued this year in city after city, and there's no pretending that it has anything to do with social justice now. These are organized gangs. They're not stealing bread and milk because they're hungry. They're stealing valuable merchandise that does not belong to them. 


If Donald Trump were president, he would be condemning this every day from the bully pulpit. He would be shaming mayors and demanding action. None of that is coming out of this White House. In fact, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said yesterday that the pandemic was responsible for all this looting. 


What's the "science" behind that?!  If she really believes that, she should be fired.


And where's Biden's plan to "crush COVID"? He kept telling us last year that he had one. But more people have died this year from COVID than died last year under Trump.


Don't think this surging crime wave won't have ramifications for all of us. These "flash mob robberies" will increase inflation as retailers raise prices to cover losses. Some stores are closing, leading to job losses. That's also forcing many seniors to travel even further (costing them more money) to get needed medications. 


A final cultural observation: Many communities used to have representations of the Ten Commandments at the courthouse, in schools or in a public park. But in recent years, leftist groups began a search and destroy mission to have them removed.


Many problems we're dealing with today are a violation of some federal or state statute. But you don't have to dig through the law books. Almost every issue bedeviling society today is a violation of the wisdom contained in the Ten Commandments, which were given to us so we could have a moral and functioning society.




Other Headlines


·     The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a nationwide injunction against Joe Biden's "sanctuary country" policies that gutted enforcement of our immigration laws.


·     The Biden Administration is delaying efforts to punish federal workers who resist vaccine mandates.


·     A federal court suspended San Diego's vaccine mandate for students 16 and older.


·     More than a dozen state treasurers warned big banks against boycotting America's energy industry.


·     Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) announced his retirement this week, making him the 19th House Democrat and third committee chairman to take a pass on running for reelection in 2022. 


·     The Florida School Boards Association became the latest in a long and growing list of state groups disaffiliating from the National School Boards Association over its letter accusing concerned parents of being "domestic terrorists."


CNN suspended Chris Cuomo for helping to smear his brother's sexual harassment victims.