Official Story, Biden's Flag Fight, Mysterious Ways

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Official Story


A cargo ship on its way out of Baltimore Harbor lost power, lost backup power, and then crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing its collapse and the loss of life. Baltimore police and rescue officials immediately assured us there was no evidence of terrorism or foul play. Accidents do happen.


But. . .


We have been informed in recent months by multiple federal agencies that communist Chinese operatives are attempting to hack into America’s critical infrastructure, including the electrical grid, water plants, and ports. We are now replacing many port cranes made in communist China because we concluded they had “spyware” devices monitoring our shipping.


Yesterday, the Justice Department announced the indictment of seven communist Chinese hackers connected to Beijing’s Ministry of State Security. So, the day after that announcement, we get this catastrophe. That could be just another coincidence. If we had real journalists, maybe they would be connecting the dots.


Baltimore is our ninth-largest port overall, but it is first for cars and trucks. The bridge is named after the man who wrote our national anthem, a great symbolic target. The federal government regularly lies to us. (COVID came from a bat.)


Remember, Biden and the Deep State did not intend to tell us that a Chinese spy balloon was crossing our nation. They were forced to do so by citizens in Montana who caught it on video.


Conclusion: Don’t assume anything in the difficult months ahead. A government that loves killing babies and wants drag queens to read to your six year-old will not hesitate to lie to you.


Get stronger. Love God. Love your family. Pray. Vote.




Biden’s Flag Fight


Last week’s budget deal preventing a government shutdown didn’t have much in it that conservatives could cheer. But there was one small victory.


As I noted in yesterday’s report, Republicans fought for and won a modest provision ensuring that no taxpayer money is used to fly the flag of the alphabet people, the LGBTQ movement, at U.S. embassies right next to the American flag – the only flag that should ever fly at our embassies.


But the Biden White House is furious. Biden’s aides are attacking congressional Republicans, accusing them of “inappropriately abusing the process.” They are pounding the table and vowing to ensure that the flag of sodomy flies outside our embassies.


They want that flag on the same pole as the American flag, a flag that patriots have fought for and died for. The flag that covers the coffins of our heroes.


I am not surprised by the angry reaction. There is a history here.


When the Obama/Biden administration succeeded in invalidating the votes of millions of Americans and obliterating thousands of years of history by redefining marriage as something other than the union of a man and a woman, they bathed the White House in the colors of the homosexual flag.


They wanted to tell us peasants, “We won and you lost!” They were gloating. Now they are demanding that we bow to the new symbols of Neo-Marxist America: the aborted baby and the flag of sodomy.




Not A Minor Issue


With all the issues confronting America today, some may not see this as a big deal. It is.


This is a central part of this administration’s foreign policy. Most Americans will never see the “perversion flag” flying at one of our embassies. It is meant to be seen by the people of other countries. It sends a message to those countries, and it comes with a threat.


Nations that defend their values by refusing to bring LGBTQ indoctrination into their schools and refusing to allow same-sex marriage risk being punished by the Biden administration. Visas will be denied, and foreign aid will be cut off. They are even threatening food programs.


So, this really isn’t a “minor issue.” It is all part of the left’s fundamental transformation of America.


Once, we were seen as a Christian nation that sent missionaries around the world to spread the Good News. Now we have leaders who refuse to even mention God in major Christian holiday proclamations, and we are exporting radical gender ideology.




Trump & The Bible


Donald Trump had a major legal victory yesterday against the left’s effort to financially destroy him, and progressive pundits lost their minds.


One of his Christian supporters (Christians overwhelmingly support Trump) sent him a message to encourage him. It described the week that Christ spent in Jerusalem bringing the Good News and the persecution that fell on Him leading to the crucifixion. The message noted the symbolism in the left’s persecution of Trump.


Trump shared this message on his social media platform, Truth Social, and the left went crazy. They mocked Trump for embracing the Bible.


Al Franken said that if Trump touches a Bible, it will “burst into flames.”


Really, Al?


Franken supports abortion for all reasons at any time. He wants drag queens to read to your four year-old. That Al Franken thinks Trump touching a Bible will set it on fire. Franken shouldn’t say the word “Bible.”




Mysterious Ways


As we all know, the Bible is the story of redemption. It is also the story of God working in mysterious ways through incredibly flawed men and women to advance the Kingdom.


I hope I don’t have to remind anyone of the actual behavior of many biblical heroes. They were, for the most part, complicated people redeemed by God’s grace and the blood of Jesus Christ.


So, Donald Trump, imperfect as we all are, ended the atrocity of Roe v. Wade with his Supreme Court nominees.


Conservative legal scholars say his appointments put religious liberty in its strongest constitutional position in the last 50 years. Trump went through three brutal confirmation battles to preserve that liberty.


To the chagrin of those who aren’t happy unless America is at war 24/7, Trump regularly speaks about peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers.”


Donald Trump had more Christians come to the White House to give him advice and counsel and literally lay hands on him in prayer than any other president in our history.


The Bible teaches that when Christ returns, He will return to the earthly city of Jerusalem. Donald Trump followed the biblical injunction to honor Jerusalem and protect the covenant people, the Jews.


Leftist politicians use religion to support abortion.


The left regularly uses the Bible to support big government socialism that steals from one man to give to another. If you listen to leading religious-left figures, you’d think Jesus was a socialist Palestinian refugee.


The same people telling us that it’s a mockery for Trump to embrace a Bible verse tell us every day that we can’t secure our borders because Jesus loves illegal aliens. Using that reasoning, He apparently does not love the rule of law or taxpayers.




Another Compromised Institution


I have often reported that the Chamber of Commerce is no longer an ally in the effort to save America. It is hooked on trade with communist China the way drug addicts are hooked on cocaine. The Chamber of Commerce Foundation is even more lost.


In recent years, the Foundation has suffered a major decline in contributions, and the money is being made up by – drum roll – George Soros and the left-wing Tides Foundation.


All of a sudden, progressives are quoting the Chamber of Commerce for its endorsement of the Senate’s ill-conceived border sell out bill.


If you’re involved in a local Chamber of Commerce that is doing good work, God bless you and stay in it. But what is happening in Washington, D.C., to the national organization is another perversion of a once great institution.




2024 Update


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is expected to name Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential running mate.


Shanahan, the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergi Brin, is a wealthy lawyer and left-wing activist. She has already given $4 million to the super PAC promoting Kennedy’s run for the White House.


She describes herself as “progressive through and through,” especially on criminal justice issues. In 2020, she supported Pete Buttigieg and Marianne Williamson before backing Joe Biden.


Her progressive credentials will make it much easier for left-wing voters to cast a protest vote for the Kennedy/Shanahan ticket.