Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in Lubbock, Texas Closes Thanks to Pro-Life Law


Thursday, May 1, 2014

by Steven Ertelt | Lubbock, TX | | 4/30/14 5:42 PM

Here is more evidence that pro-life laws make a difference. When Texas approved a measure that banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it included a provision that required abortion practitioners to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

So many abortion clinics do not have abortion practitioners who can admit patients to hospitals when, as frequent happens, abortions go awry and women are killed or injured by botched abortions. Such abortion clinics must also meet the same kind of standards as legitimate medical centers that perform surgeries, but many abortion clinics are not able to meet those health and safety standards because they offer sub par medical care for women.

It appears the Planned Parenthood abortion business is the latest facility to not be able to properly care for women’s health.

As a result, it’s been bought out by a legitimate health care provider that does not plan to do abortions at the location. This makes the Planned Parenthood abortion center one of many in the state of Texas to close permanently or temporarily due to the pro-life law, again proving pro-life laws protect women and unborn children even if they don’t ban abortions.

From a local media story:

Lubbock women will now have to go elsewhere to access abortion services. Both Lubbock Planned Parenthood locations, including the Women’s Health Center, have closed down as a result of a new Texas law.

Generation Healthcare, a non-profit, pro-adoption group, bought out both of the Planned Parenthood facilities in Lubbock in late October in what was called an “asset transfer.” Generation Healthcare released a media statement reporting that it will not provide abortion services as part of its health care. Generation Healthcare is an arm of Generation Covenant and Adoption Covenant.

The group’s CEO, Merinda Condra, stated in the press release that Generation Healthcare’s mission is to make certain that preventive screenings and routine health care services are available to all women. The release reported that Generation Healthcare assumed ownership and operation of the Briercroft Office Park clinic on Oct. 30. Also effective Oct. 30, all Planned Parenthood Associations of Lubbock board members resigned and the Generation Healthcare board assumed responsibility for the clinics.

Elizabeth Trevino, an administrative assistant with the Nurturing Center in Lubbock, said she believes the bill is a big step for her anti-abortion movement.

“We didn’t win the war,” she said. “It’s not where we would want it to end completely, but it’s one step closer.”

The Nurturing Center is a ministry pregnancy resource center that Trevino said is dedicated to saving the lives of both mothers and babies. The Nurturing Center, funded by donations by churches and the community, provides pregnant women with resources such as baby items, food, clothes, counseling, Medicaid, adoption services and other non-abortion options.

Currently, the center sees five clients a week, but Trevino said she expects the number to increase if the Planned Parenthood clinic in the same neighborhood is shut down.

“You’d be surprised with how many girls we could talk to from next door who are right about to get an abortion,” she said, “and all they want to hear is, ‘We’re here. We’ll help you. We’ll help you through this, we’re here for you.’ And it’s like, ‘Oh God, I don’t have to do this alone. This isn’t what I want to do.’”