Pro-Life Is Pro-Science, A Moment Of Truth, Election Preview

Friday, September 23, 2022

Pro-Life Is Pro-Science


Two things happened this week that impact how we think about babies developing in the womb. One development was announced by a group of scientists. The other was announced by a politician who embarrassed herself. First the scientists.


British and French researchers conducted a study to determine if preborn babies had any reaction to what their mothers were eating. They did indeed. Using 4D ultrasound machines, they discovered that babies in the womb really liked carrots and really disliked kale. 


This is the latest in a long string of studies that prove the humanity of the preborn child. Doctors even perform surgeries in utero on preborn babies, proving that there are two patients – the mother and preborn child.


The left always tells us to follow the science, and the science clearly tells us that the baby in the womb is a little human being.


Strangely, the pro-abortion media were all gaga about this latest study. Some media outlets even referred to “babies in the womb.” Of course, I don’t object to their coverage of the study. They’re not the real enemy in this case. 


Meanwhile, one rising progressive star declared recently that the pro-life movement is involved in a conspiracy. How so? She claimed, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”


This progressive must have gotten her medical degree from the same school as “Dr. Jill Biden.” Her statement is simply a “flat-out lie.” Sadly, some people will believe that lie. 


But she has a point. There is a real conspiracy that has been going on for decades around this issue. Abortionists have been telling women that what is growing in the womb is just a clump of tissue that means nothing. It’s just a part of the body like the appendix that can be removed. 


This is the same twisted mindset that is now castrating little boys and cutting off the breasts of young girls. There’s nothing special about human life or how it’s created. Kids are disposable. So, destroy them in the womb or mutilate them later. 


Just more lies from the radical left.


Evil is loose across the country, and progressive left is using all its power and influence to embrace and promote it.


Please stand with me as we defend Faith, Family and Freedom!




A Moment Of Truth


Biden “Climate Czar” John Kerry addressed the Global Clean Energy Action Forum this week. In his remarks, he praised the Inflation Reduction Act as an “amazing piece of legislation” because of all its climate change / green energy provisions. 


But in an amazing moment of candor, Kerry actually told the truth about the bill. He said it was “a completely misnamed piece of legislation," adding, “I’m not sure how much it has to do with inflation.”


Nothing, really. Even Bernie Sanders admitted that.  


Joe Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” is really a climate change bill, and that’s why John Kerry is so excited about it.


Speaking of inflation, the American Diner Index shows just how bad inflation really is. The price of preparing a classic club sandwich lunch is up 14%. 


  • Lettuce is up 33%. 
  • Bread is up 20%.
  • Turkey is up 16%.
  • Ham is up 12%.
  • Cheese is up 12%.


Too bad the liberal Congress couldn’t pass an “Inflation Reduction Act” that would bring down your grocery bill.




Election Preview


As the calendar counts down, we’re entering the final stretch of the 2022 campaign season. 


House Republicans today formally unveiled their “Commitment to America” agenda. 

Meanwhile, critical Senate contests that will determine the majority in the evenly divided chamber next year are neck-and-neck. 


  • The Arizona Senate contest is a two-point race.
  • The Florida Senate contest is a four-point race.
  • The Georgia Senate contest is a two-point race.
  • The Nevada Senate contest is a three-point race.
  • The North Carolina Senate contest is a three-point race.
  • The Ohio Senate contest is a one-point race.
  • The Pennsylvania Senate contest is a two-point race.
  • The Wisconsin Senate contest is a one-point race.


That’s eight Senate races that are all tossups!


Early voting has already started in some states, and voter registration deadlines are approaching fast. Please take a moment to make sure you and all your friends and family members are registered to vote.




Other Headlines


  • Twenty-four state attorneys general are warning major credit card companies to stop flagging gun purchases so government bureaucrats can track them.


  • The Michigan State Senate passed a resolution condemning the state’s Department of Education for promoting radical LGBTQ+ teacher training materials that urge teachers to hide critical information from parents.


  • A federal appeals court upheld a Texas law that limits Big Tech’s ability to censor free speech.



  • Conservative House members are sponsoring legislation to prohibit so-called “gender affirming surgeries” on children that permanently sterilize them and disfigure their bodies.


  • Republicans outvoted Democrats in the 2022 primaries. This indicator of voter enthusiasm has accurately predicted the general election outcomes of recent midterm elections.




L'Shanah Tovah


To all of our Jewish friends and supporters, Carol and I wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah!