The Report, Non Compos Mentis, Carlson & Putin

Friday, February 9, 2024

An Extraordinary Night


What a night in America! I told you that things would happen in the months ahead that would shake us to the core. Last night was a good example. Brace yourself for more unexpected twists and turns!




The Report


After a year-long investigation, Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, finally released his report. Hur determined that Joe Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials” for years after he left the Obama White House.


Some of these documents date back decades to Biden’s time in the Senate. And these classified documents were found in multiple locations.


But here’s the most shocking finding: Hur decided that no charges should be filed because Biden is an old man who has lost his memory. I’ll address the second half of that finding below.


The decision to not charge Biden is disgusting and dangerous. It will only further reinforce the belief among many Americans that there are two systems of justice today -- one for conservatives and one for leftists.


The neo-Marxist left is charging Donald Trump with everything they can possibly think of at every possible level – local, state and federal.


But after investigating Biden and determining that he did everything wrong – that’s what “willfully retained and disclosing classified material” means – the Biden Justice Department is not going to put Joe Biden through the same crushing process that they’re putting Trump through.




Non Compos Mentis


That’s a Latin phrase in the law that literally means no mastery of one’s mind. So, the man who has the nuclear codes and who is charged with protecting our country has no mastery of his mind. Let that sink in.


Among other things, the special counsel found that Joe Biden could not remember the year he began serving as vice president, the year he stopped serving as vice president or when his son, Beau, died of brain cancer.


By the way, Biden often tells people that his son, Beau, died in Iraq. He did not. Beau Biden died at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center years after his service in Iraq.


And even as Biden attempted to defend himself in an angry address to the nation last night, he said Mexico was in the Middle East!


This raises all sorts of disturbing questions.


As we have all been asking, who is actually running the administration? Whoever is pulling all the strings is not a benevolent force.


In a recent interview, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said, “Joe Biden has been pulled so far to the left, the extreme left . . . Makes no sense at all; it’s not the person we thought [would] bring the country together.”


Some pundits are suggesting that no one should be exploiting this. “It’s very sad for him, his family and everyone around him,” they say. I agree; it is sad.


It is also dangerous for us, the American people.


Today, I’m thinking about the 13 families who lost sons and daughters at the Kabul airport. Military leaders later testified that they warned Biden against his withdrawal strategy, but he rejected their advice. Biden said no one gave him that advice. Did he forget it?


I feel sorry for the people on the southern border, whose schools and communities are being trashed by open border.


I feel sorry for the women being robbed and raped in major cities by illegal aliens.


I feel sorry for every family whose budget has been blown up by inflation.


The list goes on and on.


Here’s another point to consider.


Today, every reporter and political operative is pouring over each page of Hur’s report. More importantly, so are the foreign intelligence agencies of America’s enemies.


I think it is obvious that one of the reasons we’re seeing such aggression everywhere is because our enemies know that right now, they have the upper hand.


I have no idea what’s next or how this all plays out. But there must be complete panic on the left today.




Trump Wins Big


In contrast to Biden’s horrible night, Donald Trump was celebrating last night. He won a massive victory in the Nevada caucuses, and he swamped Nikki Haley in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


And yet, last night and this morning, Haley was on the air trying to drag Trump down by suggesting he is as feeble as Biden. 


As we noted in yesterday’s report, Trump also had a good day at the Supreme Court. Virtually every commentator is saying the court’s decision could well be 8 to 1 or 9 to 0.


During his victory speech in Nevada last night, after the special counsel’s report was released, Trump said:


“The world has not been like this for many, many years. . . We can’t continue like this. The world is exploding. Our country is doing horribly. . . It’s a failing nation, and we’re not going to have a failing nation much longer. . . We’re going to focus on something called ‘America First.’ . . . We’re going to save our country.”




Carlson & Putin


Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is a former KGB operative and, obviously, a thug. That interview was released last night and likely would have dominated the news today, if not for all the other developments.


It is online now, and I’m going through it. The interview is two hours long, and the transcript is 65 pages. I’ll give you my thoughts next week. But I did want to comment on the firestorm of criticism of Carlson because he dared to interview Putin.


I think the outrage is absurd. Vladimir Putin has been interviewed by multiple American journalists, including Barbara Walters, during contentious times between America and Russia.


One quick observation. There are a lot of lies and distortions from the Russian leader. But, speaking without notes, Putin spent two hours giving a detailed description of the world as he sees it.


This interview came out on the same day when we were reminded, yet again, that our president can barely capture a paragraph on a teleprompter. Putin intends to dominate the world stage, and our president is struggling to get off the stage after a speech.




Other Headlines


  • The First Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the state of Maine to release its voter files to an election integrity organization. This is a victory for transparency and clean elections.


  • The illegal aliens who attacked two New York City police officers and then fled after being released without bail were arrested in Arizona.


  • An Oklahoma elementary school principal, who also performed as a drag queen, has resigned.


  • Republican voter registration efforts are making major gains in Pennsylvania.



  • Raul and Shannon Armenta are suing the left-wing media outlet Deadspin after it falsely smeared their nine year-old son as a racist.