The Rittenhouse Trial, Climate Craziness, Biden Betrays Israel

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Meaning Of Kyle's Trial


Here's my take on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  He's charged with murder and the case is headed to the jury.  The verdict could have a big impact on the battle to save America from America's Marxists.


Last year, America suffered through a summer of riots.  More accurately, we suffered through a summer of insurrections.  There were decent Americans who legitimately demonstrated for social justice.  But in city after city, left-wing thugs, radicals, communists, criminals and the stormtroopers of the left engaged in widespread violence – looting businesses, committing arson and beating people in the streets.


In many cities, left-wing governors, mayors and police chiefs refused to put down the rioting. When Donald Trump sent federal officers into Portland to protect a federal courthouse that had been repeatedly attacked, he was roundly condemned by liberal politicians and the leftist media.  The officers were compared to Nazis


The unrest wasn't confined to our big cities.  One particular flashpoint that saw night after night of lawlessness was Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The police were hopelessly outnumbered, and the governor of Wisconsin initially refused repeated requests from President Trump to call out the National Guard.


Kyle Rittenhouse volunteered to go to Kenosha along with others to protect business and property. He found himself in the middle of the riots, and was viciously attacked.  Videos from the trial clearly show that he acted in self-defense, mortally shooting two people and wounding another.  This tragic series of events could have been avoided if the police were allowed to restore order.


Joe Biden publicly smeared Rittenhouse as a white supremacist.  But there is no evidence Rittenhouse is a racist. No such claims have been made in court.  The people he shot were all white leftists.  One was an avowed communist.  One was a convicted child molester.  All three have criminal records. 


In short, Joe Biden smeared a 17 year-old boy.  Biden is not a nice guy!


But Biden wasn't alone in jumping to conclusions.  Rittenhouse was convicted in the "court of public opinion," repeatedly slandered by one so-called "journalist" after another.  Once again, the fake news media's narrative was totally wrong. 


Like Nick Sandmann, I hope Kyle Rittenhouse exacts a hefty price from these smear artists masquerading as journalists.


He's been attacked by Lebron James, major movie stars and TV commentators.  Social media is full of hatred for this young man.  Why is there so much hate for Rittenhouse? 


The left's hate is one of the reasons why you should care about this trial.  A 17-year old boy gets into a confrontation with three criminals and the left is filled with hate for the boy.  That's really telling. 


The left wants Middle America to become so demoralized that we ultimately just surrender.  The radical left intends to own the streets of America.  They demonstrated that throughout the summer of 2020.  If the left owns the streets and is protected by left-wing politicians, then America is finished.


Leftist mayors and governors did virtually nothing to stop the violence.


Left-wing activists raised money to bail the rioters out. 


Leftist prosecutors dropped charges against the rioters. 


But don't you dare fight back or the full weight of the law will be brought down on your head!  Just like parents attending school board meetings.


Remember the McCloskeys in St. Louis?  When their community was invaded by hundreds of demonstrators, they stepped out of their home and showed the mob that they were prepared to defend themselves.  They were prosecuted, not the trespassing mob!


During the summer of 2020, many people did what Kyle Rittenhouse did, but thankfully without the same tragic outcomes.  (Here, here and here.)  In multiple cities, people realized they were on their own. They formed citizen defense committees.  They blocked roads leading to their neighborhoods and stood guard all night to protect their families. 


They should be applauded for refusing to be helpless victims while the left besieged America. 


The right of self-defense is as old as mankind, and deeply ingrained in the laws of the United States.  And thank God for that!  If no one is allowed to defend themselves, the country is truly lost – which is exactly what the left wants you to believe.




Climate Craziness


The Biden/Harris regime announced this week that it has signed a joint declaration to fight climate change with communist China.  It's a total charade. 


There are approximately 300 coal plants in the United States.  Communist China has more than 1,000.  And they're building more new coal plants every week.  As usual, it doesn't matter what the communists say.  They lie all the time.  They're going to do what is the best interests of their economy.  The idea that they're partnering with us to stop climate change is a fairy tale. 


At a press conference announcing this deal, "Climate Czar" John Kerry was asked how he addressed issues of Chinese slave labor being used to make solar panels.  Kerry responded, "That's not my lane here.  My job is to be the climate guy."


That was an interesting answer because Kerry is reportedly lobbying on Capitol Hill against legislation to ban the importation of products made with slave labor in communist China.  So, he's willing to get out of his "lane" to help communist China, but not to hold them accountable.


I hope you understand what is going on here, my friends.  Joe Biden and his liberal allies want to kill our great American energy industry.  That's bad enough.  But to add insult to injury, they're planning to force everyone to buy solar panels made with slave labor from communist China. 


How perverse is that?  If that's not putting America last, I don't know what is!


President Biden and China's communist dictator Xi Jinping are scheduled to speak during a virtual summit on Monday.  Xi is expected to invite Biden to Beijing for the 2022 Olympics. 


Biden should not only reject the invitation, he should announce that we will not participate in any Olympic Games hosted by a nation that uses slave labor, puts people in concentration camps, threatens our allies, routinely spies on us, infects the world with a deadly virus and is showing in every way possible that it intends to replace the United States on the world stage. 




Biden Betrays Israel


Under President Trump, America's support for the nation of Israel was unquestioned.  Our United Nations ambassadors who served in the Trump/Pence Administration made our commitment to the Jewish state crystal clear.  Sadly, the same cannot be said of the current occupant of the Oval Office.


This week, the United Nations General Assembly passed an anti-Israel resolution that endorsed what is euphemistically called "the Palestinian right of return."  It's a demand by Palestinians who have never lived a day in Israel to occupy Israeli land on the claim it may have belonged to their grandparents or great-grandparents. 


It is essentially a demand to demographically swamp Israel with millions of Muslims.  It would immediately eradicate the only Jewish state in the world. 


On orders from the White House, our ambassador abstained from this week's UN vote, sending the message that the United States is ambivalent about the future of Israel as a Jewish state.  Meanwhile, left-wing propagandists are trying to convince the American Jewish community that Joe Biden is committed to the security of Israel.  He is not.




Other Headlines



  • The Supreme Court appears likely to overturn New York's strict gun control laws.


  • The Supreme Court ordered New York to reconsider its mandate forcing faith-based ministries to pay for abortion coverage in health insurance plans.


  • A federal court in California struck down a "buffer zone" law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom that restricted the free speech rights of pro-life activists.


  • A federal court in Texas upheld the religious liberty rights of business owners and faith-based ministries to maintain certain standards of conduct, shielding them from discrimination lawsuits by homosexual and transgender employees.


  • A Chicago judge sided with the city's police union and blocked Mayor Lori Lightfoot's vaccine mandate.  Now 23 more city unions are seeking to overturn the mandate.



  • Twenty-six state school board associations have disavowed the National School Board Association's letter calling parents "domestic terrorists."  Ten state associations have completely severed ties with the national association.