Smearing Speaker Johnson, Undermining The Court, The Totalitarian Left

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Smearing Speaker Johnson


Well, we knew the smears against House Speaker Mike Johnson were coming. As we have noted since his election, Johnson is unapologetic about his Christian faith. Sadly, that makes you a target of today’s radically secular, anti-religious left.


For example, talk show host Bill Maher compared the new speaker to the mass murderer in Maine who claimed to hear voices in his head. Maher said, “Is he that different than Mike Johnson?” 


Yes, Bill, there is a difference. The shooter was a killer. The speaker believes in the sanctity of life.


Maher was mocking Johnson for saying that God spoke to him about running for speaker. Believing that God and Jesus speak to our hearts is mainstream conservative Christianity.


Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s former press secretary, bashed Johnson as a “Christian fundamentalist” because his worldview is based on the Bible. She said this with the same disdain as if Johnson had claimed his worldview was based on Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf.”


One left-wing outlet called Johnson “the new face of Christofascism.”


Politico labeled Johnson a “Christian nationalist.” Oh, the horror!


What does that even mean? I know the left means it as an insult, that’s why they coined the phrase. 


But a Christian is someone who loves Jesus, and a nationalist is someone who loves their country. “Christian nationalist” would describe all our Founding Fathers and most Americans throughout most of our history!


These are bigoted attacks that would never happen to a Muslim politician who said he believed in the Koran. For example, has the left-wing media ever inquired as to whether Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are “Islamofascists?” 


But Christians are fair game for the secular left, which intends to demonize us.


If you’re a pastor, you should be outraged by these smears! If you’re not leading your congregations to be Christian citizens and voters, shame on you!


The attacks on Mike Johnson are aimed at all Christians. It’s an effort to delegitimize Bible-believing Christians from being government leaders. Truth be told, the radical left doesn’t want Christians in government at all! And if their worldview wins, we lose our religious liberty. 


Well, here’s the good news. Before entering public office, Mike Johnson dedicated his life to defending religious liberty as a lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom. He knows the left’s “playbook,” and he’s not backing down!


Speaker Johnson called the attacks on his faith “absurd” and “disgusting,” adding, “I’ll take the arrows. When you step into the fray, that’s what you [get].”


Please keep Speaker Johnson, his wife, Kelly, and their four children in your prayers.




If MLK Were Alive Today


If Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today would he be welcomed by the progressive movement? If King ran for public office would the left support him? I don’t think so -- unless he surrendered his Bible-based views on life. 


That’s the only conclusion I can reach after witnessing the left’s disgusting attack on Speaker Johnson. They are attacking him for saying that God spoke to him and because he takes his views on life from the Bible. This is common among Christians. 


Martin Luther King, Jr. said those things. He once preached about being up late one night when the phone suddenly rang. On the other end was “an angry voice,” saying, “Before next week you’ll be sorry you ever came to Montgomery.”


Now King was already struggling over the many threats against his life, his wife and children. He prayed to God and confessed his weakness and lack of courage in that moment. And God answered his prayer. King later recounted:


“I heard the voice of Jesus saying still to fight on. He promised never to leave me alone. At that moment I experienced the presence of the Divine as I had never experienced Him before. Almost at once my fears began to go. My uncertainty disappeared. I was ready to face anything.”


If Reverend King were alive today, Bill Maher, Jen Psaki and multiple progressive politicians in Congress would be calling him a “Christian nationalist.” 




Undermining The Court


Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) are using the Judiciary Committee to harass conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. They are also targeting Leonard Leo, a private citizen who runs a conservative legal think tank. 


This is all part of a new progressive scheme known as “reverse court-packing.” 


The left desperately wants to overturn the results of the 2016 election by packing the Supreme Court with radical activists in order to “fundamentally transform” the conservative majority into a liberal majority. But, so far, their court-packing efforts have failed. 


So now they’re trying to dismantle the conservative majority by forcing Justices Thomas and Alito to recuse themselves from high-profile cases. 


They are claiming that Thomas and Alito are compromised by the fact that they have wealthy conservative friends and spend time with people like Leonard Leo at conservative events talking about judicial issues. 


Well, the liberal justices have wealthy liberal friends and go to left-wing legal conferences. But those justices aren’t being harassed and investigated.


Senate liberals are trying to force Leonard Leo to turn over all kinds of records about any conversations he’s ever had with Thomas and Alito. It’s a fishing expedition meant to intimidate conservatives. 


Leo’s lawyer told Durbin and Whitehouse that they have no authority to demand such information from a private citizen who is not being accused of any crime. 


So why are Senate progressives doing this? Because they can. 


They control the majority and they are determined to undermine and destroy the one branch of government they don’t currently control; the one branch of government that is protecting our interests and our values. 




The Totalitarian Left


These neo-Marxists intend to be the only governing party.  They don’t want anything standing in their way, and they’re obsessed with taking down the conservative majority on the Supreme Court.


For decades, the left controlled the Supreme Court, and it used the judiciary to force an end to school prayer. 


The left used the courts to promote the fiction that abortion was hidden somewhere in our Constitution. The left used the courts to redefine the sacred religious institution of marriage, invalidating the will of the American people and disenfranchising millions of voters in the vast majority of states.


And the left has repeatedly tried for years to get the courts to repeal the Second Amendment by edict. 


No one on the left said then that the Supreme Court was “out-of-control.”


So, this is all about power – the power to advance the left’s agenda by any and every means necessary. 


To lukewarm Christians, whose biggest complaint in life is Trump’s tweets, to pastors, priests and rabbis who read this report -- the handwriting is on the wall. 


If progressives ever get a working majority in Congress along with the White House, we will lose our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech and virtually every right we have. 


There will never be another conservative president elected in the United States because the left will make it impossible to elect one. 


They will pass a massive amnesty, allowing millions of illegal aliens to vote. 


They will pass a federal law nationalizing all election rules, banning state voter ID laws.


They will force states to adopt a national popular vote, abolishing the Electoral College. 


Social media censorship will be on steroids, silencing conservative voices.


The fiction that “There’s always another election,” is just that – a fiction. 


That’s why it is insane for any center-right voter to suggest they are willing to “lose an election or two” to get rid of populist conservatism so the country can “get back to business as usual.” Good luck with that. 


If the left wins the next election or two, there won’t be a conservative movement. The neo-Marxist, pro-Hamas movement the left has empowered will have every conservative locked up in Commissar Clinton’s re-education camps!




Pence Ends Campaign


As you probably know, former Vice President Mike Pence has ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. 


I have known the vice president for years and helped him win his first successful race for Congress in 2000. He is pro-life, pro-family and a strong defender of religious liberty. Our son, Zach Bauer, has worked with Pence for many years, including in the Trump White House.


During the Trump/Pence years, the two men worked side-by-side to bring the United States four years of peace and prosperity. That close relationship was severed by election fraud and the tumultuous events on January 6th. There is no need to relitigate those events.


President Trump has asked for Pence’s endorsement, and I hope the two men can reconcile for the sake of our country.




Lessons From Gaza


Much has been said and written about Israel’s latest war with Hamas. The atrocities of the October 7th massacre are beyond imagination.  It’s hard to imagine that there are lessons to be learned from the carnage in Gaza, but there are lessons WE MUST LEARN. 


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