The Socialist Freight Train Rolls On, U.S. Now Dependent On Our Enemies For Oil

Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Socialist Freight Train Rolls On


Senate Democrats didn’t waste any time after they passed a $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill with the help of 17 Republican senators. Within hours they passed a resolution, this one on a party line vote, to direct Senate committees to begin work filling in details on a $3.5 trillion “soft infrastructure” bill. Make no mistake about it, this larger package is pure socialism and left-wing social engineering that would hasten the morphing of the U.S. into Venezuela.


The smaller $1.1 trillion legislation has been sent to Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives. She has made it clear that she won’t vote on it unless the $3.5 trillion package is also passed. The “progressive caucus” led by members like AOC and Ilhan Omar have also made it clear they won’t vote for the $1.1 trillion bill unless the $3.5 trillion bill includes all their socialist plans as well as the “green new deal.”


Anyone who thinks President Biden will resist the pressure to go even further toward the far left hasn’t been paying attention. The GOP senators who thought that passing the $1.1 trillion bill would make it harder for the left to pass the $3.5 trillion bill could end up with egg on their faces. But of course it will be America that pays the ultimate price for their miscalculation.




U.S. Now Dependent On Our Enemies For Oil


There were celebrations yesterday among the sheiks who rule Saudi Arabia and in Putin’s Russia.


Biden, worried that rising gasoline prices could hurt him politically, just begged these two countries to increase their oil production so that the U.S. can import more of it.


Just a couple of years ago under President Trump, we were producing so much oil that we became net oil exporters. We weren’t dependent on any other country for our energy. Trump encouraged the new drilling technology and defended the energy industry from its left-wing critics.


When Biden and Harris took office, they declared war on our American energy industry. Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, costing thousands of jobs. He canceled drilling leases on federal property. He is threatening much higher taxes on our own energy industry.


Earlier this week, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm even attacked our natural gas industry, which is the cleaner alternative to coal and oil.


Meanwhile, Americans are feeling the pain at the gas pump. That reality has Biden and Democrat political operatives worried about a backlash at the polls in November 2022.


There is an easy solution available, but Biden is too weak and afraid of the left to do it. He could simply take his foot off the neck of our domestic energy industry. He could reduce regulations on our energy industry and ask it to gear up and drill for more oil. This would be the logical way to ensure that America is not dependent on our enemies for our energy.


But Biden is doing the exact opposite. The White House actually went out of their way yesterday to assure reporters that they don’t want more domestic drilling. They’d rather rely on Putin than on the patriotic, hardworking men and women in Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and other states who produce America’s energy that keeps this country’s economy moving.


I suspect the Saudis and Russians will supply more oil. But there will be a price to be paid. And when it is, I guarantee you the Biden administration won’t announce it from the White House podium. Meanwhile, they will keep pushing solar and wind power, two industries dominated by communist China.




“Kind” Of A Sign


Something just happened in Wisconsin that might be a sign of which way the political winds are blowing. 


Democrat congressman Ron Kind, who has represented his district for 26 years, announced he would not run for re-election. Three years ago, Kind won his seat by 20 points. In 2020 he won by only three points in a district Donald Trump carried. 


Insiders say Kind concluded he would likely lose next year’s race. He is the fourth “swing-district” Democrat who has announced he won’t seek re-election, and he is seen as a relative moderate in a Democrat party tilting more and more far left. 


His retirement is a blow to Democrats' chances of keeping their narrow margin in the House of Representatives in 2022.