Something's Wrong, About That Interview, Our Modern Military

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Something's Wrong


I woke up this morning with a thought many Americans likely share: Something is deeply wrong at the White House. Something seems to be wrong with the president. And you're right to be worried.


The Afghan pullout continues to be a disaster. As many as 15,000 Americans are scattered all over that country, and the Biden Administration just said they can't guarantee the safety of our citizens who have to get to the airport on their own. Short of a miracle, we could end up with the biggest hostage crisis in the history of our country.


Meanwhile, as many as 80,000 Afghans who worked with us are also trying to get out. Biden is bringing them straight to the United States. Instead, they should be vetted in a third country, before they come here. It is foolish to assume that jihadists aren't using the chaos to get into our country.


Biden addressed the American people from the White House yesterday, but he refused to talk about Afghanistan. 


Instead, he desperately tried to change the subject and went back to spreading fear about COVID. He attacked unvaccinated Americans and conservative governors.  He also demanded that your five year-old wear a mask. Not one harsh word though for the Taliban.


Later, during an interview with ABC News, Biden claimed that he knew there would be chaos in Afghanistan when we withdrew, and that there was no way this could have been handled any better. The American people aren't buying that – 69% oppose his handling of the Afghan crisis. 


Moreover, what he's saying now – that he expected the chaos – is the exact opposite of what he has been saying for days – that there was no way Kabul would look like the fall of Saigon. It also directly contradicts what Pentagon leaders just said. Someone better get Gen. Milley the updated talking points ASAP.


Today, Biden is leaving Washington for an extended weekend and Vice President Kamala Harris (remember her?) is flying off to Singapore and Vietnam. No one will be home at the White House.


This is not normal. 


Many Americans who voted for Biden are feeling buyer's remorse or, perhaps more appropriately, "Biden remorse." A new poll shows that if the election were held today, Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden by six points.




About That Interview


Biden said several bizarre things in his interview with George Stephanopoulos. For example:


·     He got the timing wrong. When Stephanopoulos mentioned the shocking pictures of Afghans falling to their deaths from our C-17 cargo planes, Biden angrily shot back, "That was four days ago. Five days ago!" When the interview was taped it had been only two days ago.


·     Biden said no one had died during the evacuation. I don't know what he's talking about. Aside from the Afghans who fell from the planes, several were shot at the airport and more have been killed resisting the Taliban.


·     When pressed as to what intelligence and Pentagon leaders specifically recommended, Biden said he couldn't recall. Was he being evasive because he ignored their advice? Or did he really forget? Either way, there's no good answer.


But let's consider Biden's flip flop on the intelligence. If he knew it was going to be so chaotic then why did he withdraw our troops before he got our civilians out? Why did he give up Bagram Air Base last month? 


Well, Gen. Milley strongly suggested that Biden ordered him to give up Bagram so he could secure the embassy and the Kabul airport. Did Gen. Milley explain to Biden what a colossal mistake that was? 


Regardless, it's clear to me that Gen. Milley can best serve his country by resigning immediately – either in protest of Biden's absurd orders or for his own failures




Our Modern Military


If you need further proof that our military leadership is spending too much time trying to welcome transgendered individuals into the ranks, studying up on critical race theory and fighting climate change, here it is.


Yesterday, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stood before reporters and said, "There was nothing that I or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army (the Afghan army) and this government."


Well, general, that isn't exactly reassuring since that's exactly what happened. Plus, someone is lying. Our national security agencies leaked to their favorite reporters yesterday and said they were giving the top brass and the commander-in-chief that very warning for months. 


Let's put everyone involved in this fiasco under oath and find out who the perjurer is.


During the same press conference, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said this: "We're going to get everyone that we can possibly evacuate evacuated. And I'll do that as long as we possibly can, until the clock runs out or we run out of capability."


Which clock are you referring to, sir? You couldn't possibly mean the clock that the Taliban has, right? Does the U.S. military now run on jihadi time? Our defense budget last year was $740 billion. Don't we have the capacity to set our own time and save or own people?


The excuses we heard yesterday from Austin and Milley is the kind of rhetoric you hear from defeated militaries. Secretary Austin, you do know that the world is listening, don't you? 


Have we really gone from, "I have not yet begun to fight!" (John Paul Jones) and "I shall return!" (Douglas MacArthur) to "I will fight until the Taliban's timer runs out"?




COVID Tyrants


President Biden wasn't the only one attacking the American people yesterday instead of our enemies. While Biden was attacking the unvaccinated, Mayor Bill de Blasio was doing the same thing in New York City. 


De Blasio has been clear that he intends to make life miserable for anyone who is not vaccinated. To enforce his mandate, he's threatening to fine businesses $5,000 for serving unvaccinated people. 


Inconveniently for de Blasio, it was just confirmed that only 58% of New York City's public employees are vaccinated. Major public unions are fighting de Blasio's mandate. Many New York City public school teachers and employees of public safety agencies are still unvaccinated.


Overwhelmingly, these folks are life-long Democrats. That's why they're working for the city of New York. Yet more than 40% of them are refusing to take the vaccine. That's got nothing to do with Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott.