Stuck In The Past, Polling Propaganda, Combatting CRT

Friday, July 29, 2022

Stuck In The Past


The Biden State Department announced yesterday that it is offering a $10 million reward for any information that proves how Russian interests interfered in the 2016 election that resulted in Donald Trump's election. 


Now think about what that says about how the left fights compared to how we fight. 


They spent the first two years of Trump’s administration undermining our democracy by constantly telling the American people that Donald Trump and Russia colluded together to defeat Hillary Clinton. 


Leading liberals like Adam Schiff went on national TV shows Sunday after Sunday and knowingly lied. He said, "We have proof of collusion, and when we release it the American people will be shocked." It was all a lie.


Not only did Trump not collude with Russia, Russians colluded with Hillary to smear Trump and weaken his administration. So, it was Hillary and the left who colluded with a foreign enemy to take down a duly-elected president.


In 2020, we had an election with more irregularities and more mail-in voting than any time in our history. Laws were ignored.  Rules were changed. There were bizarre pauses in ballot counting. There was massive censorship and suppression of real news, i.e., the Hunter Biden laptop


Millions of Americans believe it was a corrupt election. Now two years later, virtually every conservative of consequence, certainly those in the congressional leadership, has been browbeaten into saying that there is no evidence of corruption. 


And now this week, after Republicans have surrendered on 2020, the left wants to go back and relitigate the 2016 election!


By the way, elements of the Biden Administration have said they are deeply concerned that Russia may be interfering in the 2022 election. Of course, there's no proof offered. Why would they be saying that? 


Well, if progressives end up getting clobbered in November, and there's no guarantee of that, I'll guarantee you they will try to delegitimize this election by telling the American people that McConnell, McCarthy and the RNC colluded with Putin to take the Congress away from the left because Joe Biden and his allies are fighting Putin so hard in Ukraine!




Polling Propaganda


A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll finds that Democrats are leading in the generic congressional ballot question by four points. The poll also found these surprising figures: 16% of public said abortion was their most important issue while 11% said inflation was their top concern. 


If anyone in politics actually believes that more people are more concerned about abortion than inflation, they should go into another line of work.


But I want to point out something else that I am seeing in virtually every other poll as well. When pollsters ask people if abortion is an important issue to them and they say "yes," the media say, "Look at that big number of people angry at the GOP/Supreme Court over abortion."


I hope you can see through that. 


The country is almost 50/50 on abortion. So, if 16% say abortion is their most important issue, it's likely that half of that number includes people who are pro-life and who are upset that Biden and congressional liberals are trying to force abortion on demand in every state in the country. Half are probably people who want them to do that.  


But the reason the media spin the polls the way they are is because they know how easy it is to frighten establishment Republicans. 


They are trying to browbeat them into running away from the Dobbs victory. They want them to apologize for the Dobbs victory. And they want them to only talk about the economy.


By the way, there's a nugget in the latest Washington Post poll that should stiffen conservative spines.


The poll found a huge enthusiasm gap between pro-life and pro-abortion voters, with pro-life voters being 11-points more likely to vote than pro-abortion voters, and those who supported the Dobbs decision were 18-points more likely to vote than those who opposed it.




Biden Is Compromised


Yesterday, the White House yet again refused to say whether Hunter Biden has fully divested his stake in a communist Chinese firm that paid him millions of dollars. Of course, by refusing to answer the question, they're answering the question. 


After everything that has happened, it appears as if the president's son still has not fully extricated himself from communist Chinese companies while his father is dealing badly with an increasingly aggressive communist China.




Combatting CRT


The state of Oklahoma audited the Tulsa Public School District and found that critical race theory was still being taught in violation of state law. Officials also discovered graphic books in libraries being offered to young children. 


Oklahoma Education Secretary Ryan Walters made a Facebook post about the content of the books, but Facebook removed it, claiming the content was too graphic! 


Think about that. Woke social media censored the books because they violated their community standards, yet the books are in public school libraries for our children. 


I'm pleased to report that the Oklahoma State Board of education just voted 4-to-2 to downgrade the Tulsa Public School district to "accreditation with warning." 


Education Secretary Walters told Fox News this morning that he is serious about getting this anti-American ideology out of the schools. "We're the greatest country in the history of the world, and our kids need to know that."




Other Headlines


·     Twenty-two states are suing the Biden Administration to block its outrageous attempt to hold the federal school lunch program hostage to its radical transgender agenda.


·     In the wake of Joe Biden’s COVID infection, the state of Florida is calling on the Biden Administration to end oppressive vaccine mandates. Other states, businesses, medical associations, trade groups and veteran’s organizations should follow Florida’s lead.


·     Florida officials filed a complaint that could terminate the business license of a Miami bar that hosted “drag shows for children.” Other state officials should follow Florida’s lead.


·     In a major victory for free speech and religious liberty, a federal appeals court upheld the right of parents to seek counseling for their children that aligns with their values and with biological reality.


Columbia University fencer Sylvie Binder was named the NCAA Woman of the Year, not the college athlete formerly known as Will Thomas.