They're Not Dumb, Biden's Bad Deal, Left-wing Racism

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

They're Not Dumb


Yesterday, we reported on the latest USA Today poll that had Joe Biden's approval rating down to 38%.  It had another interesting finding:  46% of Americans, including 16% of those who voted for him, said Biden was doing a worse job as president than they expected.  By a 7-to-1 margin, independent voters were particularly shocked by Biden's poor job performance. 


No doubt a lot of voters are struggling to understand a secretary of Homeland Security who opens the border rather than secures the border.  They're perplexed by an attorney general who orders the FBI to investigate parents at school board meetings. 


They're confused by a transportation secretary who obsesses over racist highways in the middle of a supply chain crisis.  They don't know what to make of a vice president who wants NASA to track the trees in your neighborhood for "environmental justice," whatever that is.


And then there's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who laughed at the idea that she should have a plan to lower energy prices. 


Many critics say, "These people must be really dumb."  No, they're not.  They know exactly what they're doing. 


There's a purpose behind the radical open borders agenda


There's a reason the left is talking about racist highways


And when it comes to energy, high prices are the goal.


The radical environmental movement has said for years that the only way Americans can be forced to depend on alternative energy sources is to make fossil fuels extremely expensive or just to get rid of them entirely. 


Don't take my word for it.  They've said it publicly.


  • Barack Obama said his energy policies would cause electricity prices to "necessarily skyrocket" and would "bankrupt the coal industry." 
  • Steven Chu, Obama's energy secretary, said our gas prices should be as high Europe's, which are around $7.00 a gallon.
  • Hillary Clinton said she wanted to put coal miners "out of business." 
  • Joe Biden said he wanted to phase out fossil fuels.


This is an intentional effort to wreck a vital industry, and struggling Americans with tight family budgets are just collateral damage for the left's radical agenda, which is all about socialism.  Again, they've said it themselves. 


  • Saikat Chakrabarti, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's former chief of staff, said that "[The] Green New Deal . . . wasn't originally a climate thing at all. . . we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing." 
  • Radical activist Naomi Klein said, "If you take climate change seriously, you do have to throw out the free-market playbook."

If you don't think this is intentional, just remember that under Donald Trump we were energy independent, and gas was 40% cheaper one year ago. 




Biden's Bad Deal


The Biden/Harris regime is desperately trying to get us back into the 2015 nuclear deal that supposedly prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  It did no such thing.  It allowed Iran to continue to develop its nuclear program with a few unenforceable limits that expired in 10 to 15 years. 


It did nothing to restrain Iran's ballistic missile program or its support for terrorism.  Moreover, Iran's nuclear research facilities are buried in mountains, so it's extremely difficult to monitor their cheating.


However, the ayatollah is furious that Donald Trump took us out of the 2015 deal, and he won't make another agreement that a future president can cancel.  But there's only one way to bind future presidents. 


For any Iranian nuclear deal -- which is a really big deal -- to be binding, it would have to be submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification as a treaty, which requires 67 votes. 


If Biden can negotiate a treaty that really does limit Iran's nuclear program and protects our allies in the Middle East, then he should not hesitate to send that agreement to the Senate.  It should easily attract bipartisan support if it's really that good of a deal.


And something of this magnitude, which is tremendously important to our national security and foreign policy, should be debated by the Senate. 


If Biden and Harris do what the Obama/Biden Administration did, which was to send the deal to the United Nations for a vote while trying to prevent votes in Congress, it will be imperative for a future president to tear up that worthless document. 


Unfortunately, just like Barack Obama, Joe Biden is doing something unconscionable with respect to Israel.  The Jewish State is in more danger than any other nation from a nuclear-armed Iran.  But Israel was never allowed at the negotiating table during Obama's talks with Iran, and Israel has not been allowed at the table during Biden's negotiations with them. 


Iran's radical Holocaust-denying regime has repeatedly vowed to annihilate Israel.  Just one or two nuclear bombs could do that.  But when Israelis says, "Never again," they mean it.  No Israeli government would ever trust this feckless administration to secure the borders of Israel when it refuses to secure our own borders.




An Unsung Hero


You could be forgiven if you don't recognize the name of Zhang Zhan.  Ms. Zhang is a lawyer and a courageous independent journalist who traveled to Wuhan to document what was happening at the beginning of the pandemic. 


When she arrived, the city appeared to be deserted.  She described Wuhan as a vacant "movie set."  In reality, the residents of Wuhan were "sealed in," under extreme lockdown orders by the communist regime.


China's communist officials immediately ordered Zhang to stop filming.  She resisted, and was arrested in May of 2020.  She was found guilty in a Stalinist show trial on charges of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble."


(If America's totalitarian left isn't stopped, it won't be long before parents at school board meetings are facing similar charges!)


In all seriousness, Ms. Zhang has been on a hunger strike and is reportedly very ill.  The Biden Administration should be pounding on every table it can, not railing against our frontline heroes, but railing against communist China's lies and outrageous human rights abuses.


It might also consider doing something about the latest intelligence reports sounding the alarm over China's massive military buildup.


If you needed more evidence that communist China is preparing for war with America, here's the latest:  The Chinese communists have constructed scale replicas of U.S. aircraft carriers and other vessels for target practice. 




Left-wing Racism


Day after day, left-wing commentators on MSNBC are spouting unbelievable racism.  Winsome Sears, Virginia's lieutenant governor-elect, has been the target of much of the vitriol in recent days.  But over the weekend, some MSNBC commentators went after Democrats too, and white voters.   


Roland Martin attacked James Carville, the famed "Ragin' Cajun," saying, "I think Carville should shut the 'F' up because I'm sick of these white men whining and complaining about wokeness."


Host Tiffany Cross seemed to relish racial discord, saying that America's increasingly diverse population is "going to be uncomfortable for a lot of people. . . We've [minority Americans] been uncomfortable for a long time.  At this point in history, we're comfortable making people uncomfortable."


So much for racial reconciliation.


Another commentator, Elie Mystal, said that white voters don't really care about "kitchen table issues like infrastructure. . .  I contend that what they care about is using their guns on black people and getting away with it. That's what they want."


Mystal is obviously a committed racist and there he is on MSNBC, spouting his vile racial hatred.  Most Americans want racial harmony, but bigots like Mystal stoke the flames of racial discord.


MSNBC is the flagship network of the left, and it routinely spouts a steady diet of racism aimed at white Americans.  How do they get away with this? 


Where are the "socially responsible" corporate CEOs who are so quick to denounce racism and bigotry?  Why are they not pulling their advertising from MSNBC?