Thoughts On Iran's Attack, Biden's Appeasement, Reagan Was Right

Monday, April 15, 2024

Thoughts On Iran’s Attack


Once again, the Islamic Republic of Iran demonstrated who and what they are when Tehran launched hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel this weekend. They are terrorists dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the United States, and Western Civilization.


When you have a strong president like we did four years ago, the mullahs of Iran are contained. When you have a weak president who thinks foreign policy is going to a microphone and saying, “Don’t,” the mullahs don’t care. One-word warnings are not a believable foreign policy.


Joe Biden has given Iran billions of dollars, and he thinks “Don’t” is going to send a tough message? That’s ludicrous, insulting, and dangerous.


While Biden is praising Israel’s incredible success in neutralizing virtually all of the Iranian missiles and drones, he is also suggesting that there is no reason for Israel to retaliate. And he made it clear that if Israel did respond, they would be on their own.


Again, we see the left-wing mindset at work. What we know, and what the left chooses not to know, is that weakness establishes dangerous precedents and invites aggression.


Israel is being told not to finish the job against Hamas. Israel is being told to tolerate an invasion like October 7th and not destroy its barbaric enemy. Now Israel is being told to tolerate attacks launched from the territory of another country and not retaliate.


That is a prescription for the end of Israel or any other nation!


No one is going to invest in a country where such attacks are part of daily life. Few people will want to live in a country where such attacks are part of daily life.


The policy Biden is pushing on Israel will erase the Jewish state as surely as Iran dropping a nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv.


By the way, if the weekend’s events seemed like too much of a coincidence, there are disturbing reports that the Biden White House not only had advanced warning of Iran’s attack, but may have even approved it. Congress must demand answers!


One final point. Many in the media are claiming that Iran’s attack on Israel increases the pressure on Speaker Mike Johnson to push a massive foreign aid package through the House of Representatives in the coming days.


Speaker Johnson isn’t the problem. The House, under Johnson’s leadership, passed legislation providing additional aid to Israel months ago. It was blocked by Chuck Schumer and Senate progressives, who are demanding that support for Israel be tied to more money for Ukraine!




Biden’s Appeasement


Periodically, when Donald Trump would criticize a Jewish liberal, some mainstream Jewish groups and the leftist media would say, “That’s a dog whistle to attract the anti-Semite vote.” That’s absurd.


In contrast, Biden is actively seeking the votes of anti-Semites and Israel haters. What is Biden doing by pressuring Israel in the immediate aftermath of an unprecedented attack by Iran is appeasing the Hamas wing of the progressive left.


A new poll finds that one-third of Democrats want Biden to be tougher on Israel, and 41% of Democrats support stopping all aid to Israel.


A coalition of left-wing progressive activists, including members of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, just happened to be meeting in Chicago this weekend. When they were told about Iran’s attack on Israel, the crowd erupted into cheers and chants of “Hands Off Iran!”


Those are the voters the Biden campaign is after -- voters who want Israel to be obliterated. His repeated messages to Netanyahu, telling him to back down in the face of growing threats from radical Islamists, are dog whistles to the increasingly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic progressive left.


That’s why liberal politicians won’t denounce the disgusting anti-Israel, anti-American protest in Dearborn, Michigan, in any meaningful way. They don’t think they can win without those voters in November.


To his credit, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who worked for President Obama, did condemn the left’s anti-Semitism during an appearance on Newsmax last week. He called the growing progressive bigotry and anti-Israel intolerance “shameful” and “anti-American.”


Meanwhile, I am hoping more mainstream Jewish organizations will join Greenblatt in condemning the left’s growing anti-Semitism.




Reagan Was Right


The willful ignorance of the left is absolutely mind-boggling. How can Biden and others act like it’s no big deal when an enemy launches 300 missiles at one of our allies? Iran’s intention was to kill thousands of Israelis. It was a declaration of war.


Of course, I am tremendously relieved that Israel’s Iron Dome defense systems and our own missile defense systems in the region were so successful in thwarting this attack.


It must be mentioned that these outstanding defense systems are the direct results of Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).


Reagan said the doctrine of mutual assured destruction was immoral. So, he decided to build a system that could protect us and our allies from missile attacks. The Soviet Union tried to keep up, but it couldn’t. Moscow offered many concessions if Reagan would abandon SDI, but he refused. His steadfast leadership contributed to the collapse of the U.S.S.R.


But when Reagan announced his plans for a missile defense system, the political left bitterly resisted. They mocked SDI as “Star Wars,” just as they mocked Donald Trump when he created the Space Force.


One of the people who led the charge against Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative was Joe Biden. The same system he is praising today, he opposed every step of the way 40 years ago.


And he’s still fighting it. Biden just submitted a budget for the Pentagon that cuts $400 million from these defensive systems.




Trump’s Trial


A growing number of Americans are concerned that we are headed toward World War III because we’re led by a man who can’t find his way off of a stage. There is great angst in the country that we’re in deep trouble and deeply divided. I meet people all the time who express these concerns.


Surely the White House sees all of this. They know the threats we are facing from Iran, communist China, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, the list goes on.


But what is at the top of the left’s agenda this week? Their efforts are focused on putting the leader of the loyal opposition in jail to completely alienate and demoralize half the country. With everything we’re facing, they still yearn for power more than anything else.


These prosecutions could stop in a minute. If the same private White House meetings (here, here and here) that inspired these partisan prosecutions instead told leftist prosecutors, “If you want a future in politics, drop these divisive cases,” they would be over in an instant.


But that’s not going to happen. With missiles flying, communist China growing stronger, and other provocations every day, they save their bile for the half of America that doesn’t agree with their insane socialist policies.




Goodbye, Beverly


Beverly LaHaye, founder of Concerned Women for America, died yesterday at the age of 94. LaHaye gave millions of American women who valued faith, family, and freedom an effective alternative to the radical feminist ideology that was gaining ground in the late 1970s.


Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, celebrated Beverly LaHaye, saying, “Mrs. LaHaye championed the forgotten women of this country, whose voices were not being heard in Washington and in the culture. Her life is a testament to the impact one woman with a vision and mission can have on the course of history.”


I couldn’t agree more.


I had many opportunities during my time in the Reagan White House, at the Family Research Council, and in other positions to work with Beverly LaHaye. Her steadfast commitment to biblical principles and conservative values was legendary. Her leadership and her voice will be deeply missed.




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