Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Operation Legend Expands

The Justice Department announced yesterday that it is expanding Operation Legend to Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee. In these three cities, homicides have spiked 13%, 31% and 85% respectively compared to last year. 

Let's be absolutely clear about this: While the left is demanding that we "defund the police," the Trump Administration is dispatching nearly 100 federal "police" to reverse the horrific violence that has gripped parts of these three cities. 

This effort is named after LeGend Taliferro, a 4-year-old boy who was shot and killed last month while sleeping in his bedroom. His life mattered too, but there were no protests for LeGend. It should be obvious who is doing more for black lives.

Here's another name you probably don't know – Bernell Tramell, a well-known black Trump supporter. He was brutally gunned down in broad daylight right outside of his Milwaukee shop last week. There were no protests for Bernell.

Meanwhile, Oregon Governor Kate Brown eagerly announced yesterday that federal law enforcement officers would be withdrawing from Portland starting today. That's not exactly the case.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf explained that he has agreed to begin a phased withdrawal of federal agents contingent upon a "robust force" of Oregon State Police being stationed in the city and an end to the regular violence against the federal courthouse there.

About That Van. . .

Tuesday, New York City police arrested Nikki Stone, a transgender woman, and put Stone into an unmarked van. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went ballistic, warning, "Our civil liberties are in danger."

AOC was responding to an ACLU "BREAKING NEWS" tweet that "a protester" had been "abducted" off the streets. The ACLU denounced the police action as "dangerous, abusive, and indefensible," and demanded that "Law enforcement must be held accountable."


This is just another part of the left's backwards narrative that the cops are evil and should be "handcuffed." Now they are no longer allowed to use unmarked vehicles. 

I don't know if AOC has ever driven on a major highway. I know I am always looking out for the unmarked police cars. The idea that unmarked police cars are a sign of dictatorship is insane. 

Police use unmarked vehicles so they can more easily apprehend the bad guys who won't see them coming. Another reason is that the anti-police left frequently attacks marked police cars. 

For example, since the BLM riots erupted in late May, more than 300 NYPD vehicles have been attacked, vandalized and torched. The damage will cost city taxpayers nearly $1 million. 

I'd like to see state and federal prosecutors get creative and hit radical groups like Antifa with RICO charges to recoup the costs of the damage they are causing. 

The NYPD responded to the ACLU and AOC. Stone wasn't a "protester." Stone was arrested for destroying multiple police surveillance cameras. 

The fact that progressives are defending this criminal is outrageous. And it speaks volumes about the left's agenda. 

Do you side with progressives or the police? Do you want anarchy or the rule of law? Chaos or Order? Those are the stakes.


Please stand with American Values as we defend faith, family and freedom!


Progressive Intimidation

As we have often pointed out, the progressive left is anything but tolerant. 

If conservatives attempt to speak on college campuses, progressives will shout them down. If conservatives attempt to articulate a point on social media, progressives will censor them. If conservatives attempt to gather in a public place, progressives will assault them. The point is to intimidate conservatives into silence and submission.

The latest example of progressive intimidation is radical mobs showing up at homes. This is a deeply disturbing trend that is not going to end well. They have done it to Tucker Carlson, to Sen. Mitch McConnell, to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and to DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

Last night, the mob went to the home of New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. At 2:30 in the morning they were yelling from bullhorns and flashing lights into his home. 

While protests are a great part of the American tradition, targeting someone's family and their home is intimidation. And this disgusting tactic must be condemned.


Enough Is Enough!

There are some encouraging signs that average Americans have had enough and are taking matters into their own hands. For example:


  • The Wall Street Journal reported recently that residents in some Minneapolis neighborhoods are forming armed patrols to self-police their communities. And the Minneapolis City Council suddenly doesn't seem so eager to abolish its police department.


  • Agitators trying to cause an incident attempted to march into a suburban neighborhood in Springfield, Oregon, last night. The small police force was initially overwhelmed by the mob, but was nevertheless able to stop it after residents came out of their homes and stood with the police.


  • In Seattle, more than 20,000 residents have signed a petition opposing a radical plan to cut 50% of the police budget. 


Taking On Big Tech

As you know, the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google testified before the House Judiciary Anti-Trust subcommittee yesterday. Members of both parties grilled the tech leaders about their anti-competitive practices and outrageous censoring of conservative content.

What you may not know is that the Commerce Department took a major step yesterday to enforce the president's recent executive order against internet censorship. 

The department sent a formal request asking the Federal Communications Commission to limit the scope of liability protections for tech companies that censor content on their platforms, and to require transparency of their "moderation practices."

This is just a first step, but an important one nonetheless when it comes to reining in the abuses of left-wing tech giants.

For those of you who are interested in a social media platform that is committed to free speech, I encourage you to check out Parler. You can follow me on Parler @GaryLBauer.


Goodbye, Herman

Herman Cain, one of the leading voices of conservatism in the black community and co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, passed away today after a lengthy battle with Covid-19.

Cain was the epitome of the American Dream. Born in the segregated South, he grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. But through hard work and determination, Cain went college and earned a master's degree.

He helped design fire control systems for the U.S. Navy. He worked for several iconic American corporations, and served as CEO of Godfather's Pizza. Cain ran for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination on an innovative "9-9-9" flat tax reform plan. 

In a recent opinion piece, Cain rejected the left's claim of "systemic racism" in America, and defended the brave men and women of law enforcement.

His voice of commonsense conservatism will be missed.

Please join Carol and me in praying for Herman's wife, Gloria, and their children, Vincent and Melanie.