Trump Wins, Election Results, Israel Under Siege

Monday, March 4, 2024

Trump Wins


Liberal heads are exploding all over America today after the radical left lost its latest attempt to preserve its power at all costs. This morning, the Supreme Court ruled 9 to 0 that the state of Colorado cannot ban Donald Trump from the ballot.


In their opinion, the justices declared:


“States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency. . . nothing in the Constitution delegates to the States any power to enforce Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates. . . The judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court therefore cannot stand. All nine Members of the Court agree with that result.”


Dozens of similar cases have been filed all over the country. Illinois and Maine also kicked Trump off the ballot. Today’s unanimous decision in Trump’s favor and against these extreme attempts to manipulate our elections is a major victory for freedom.


As always, it’s somewhat more complicated than the initial headlines suggest. Five conservative justices also ruled that in the federal branch, only the Congress can decide whether someone engaged in insurrection and could be removed from the ballot for that reason. (There was no insurrection, and Trump did not participate in one.)


In other words, they not only blocked left-wing states, they blocked left-wing federal judges, too.


Here’s the bottom line: the most brazen attempt to deny half the country their right to vote for the candidate of their choice was just shut down 9 to 0.


This attempt to stop millions of Americans from voting for their candidate was driven by the progressive left, which struts around claiming it is trying to protect our democracy.


Nothing could be further from the truth. The neo-Marxist left is the greatest threat to our democracy and our constitutional republic. And it's not just elections.


Today’s progressive movement is at war with every constitutional principle that undergirds our democratic government -- free speech, the freedom of assembly, religious liberty, and our Second Amendment rights.


Our democracy was just protected, not by the left but by the conservative majority on the Supreme Court.




Trump Responds


Former President Trump held a press conference at Mar-a-Lago this afternoon to address this morning’s decision. He said:


“I want to start by thanking the Supreme Court for its unanimous decision today. It was a very important decision, very well crafted, and I think it will go a long way toward bringing our country together. . .


“Essentially, you cannot take someone out of the race because an opponent would like to have it that way. . . The voters can take a person out of the race very quickly, but a court shouldn’t be doing that. . . I have great respect for the Supreme Court, and I thank them for working so quickly and diligently.”




Election Results


Donald Trump swept three primary contests Saturday, winning caucuses in Idaho, Michigan, and Missouri. Nikki Haley also notched her first win of the primary campaign – drum roll – the DC Swamp favors her 63% to 33%.


The only conservative Republicans in Washington, D.C., work for conservative organizations. The rest of the DC GOP, along with everyone else in the city, is liberal.


We also learned something over the weekend about how good her word is. At the beginning of the primary contest, the candidates were asked by the RNC to sign a pledge that they would support the eventual nominee. Haley signed that pledge.


But when asked about her pledge this weekend, Haley replied, “The RNC is now not the same RNC. I think I'll make what decision I want to make.”




Israel Under Siege


At the very time the Biden administration is coming down hard on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with increasing demands for a ceasefire, two of the terrorist groups Israel is fighting in Gaza are calling on Muslims to wage jihad during the holy month of Ramadan.


Does anybody know of another faith where a significant minority feels that the best way to honor their god in its most sacred time of the year is to kill those who don’t worship that god? It is troubling, to say the least.


This is the reason why we should be much more careful about immigration from Islamist nations to America. Before we accept someone who wants to come here, we should know whether that person supports the idea of his co-religionists killing people who are not his co-religionists. A nation that doesn’t bother to even check that out has a suicide wish.


On the ceasefire idea itself and the people demanding it, I am 100% certain that if the attack on October 7th was an all-out assault with tens of thousands of jihadists invading and Israel was losing the war, none of the people calling for a ceasefire would be doing so today.


The impetus behind the ceasefire is that Israel is winning.


Don’t forget that many of the people in these demonstrations calling for a ceasefire are the same people who tore down posters of the hostages in the immediate aftermath of the massacre.


This isn’t a peace movement. If it was, they’d be calling on Hamas to stop fighting and for a ceasefire in Ukraine, too. It’s a “We Like Hamas” movement.




Tomorrow Is Super Tuesday


If you live in one of the Super Tuesday states holding primary elections tomorrow, please, please, please show up and vote!


Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t assume your preferred candidate will win and that you don’t need to bother to vote. Many general elections are actually decided in the primaries.


Make your voice heard. VOTE!




Tune In To Family Talk


Tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today to hear my discussion with singer/songwriter Sarah Vienna, co-founder and CEO of Firm Foundations Romania. Sarah shares how she took a leap of faith 20 years ago to become a Christian missionary in Romania, once part of the Soviet bloc in Eastern Europe.


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