Trump's Success, Fox In A Free Fall, Defending Freedom

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Trump's Success


What issue almost never came up during the 2020 campaign? Illegal immigration. Why? Because President Trump largely solved the problem. 


He spent tremendous amounts of political capital, against complete opposition from the left, and significant opposition from the right including the business community, to end ineffective policies and secure our border. 


Former ICE Director Tom Homan said, "President Trump has had unprecedented success at the border. Illegal immigration is down between 60 and 80%. . . He did it despite the fact that Congress fought him every step of the way. No one has had this success." 


If Biden prevails in the election contest, he is planning to reverse almost everything President Trump has done. 


He said he won't build "another foot" of border wall. Catch and release will be back because Biden said he would shut down detention centers for illegal immigrants making asylum claims. Biden also said he will end deportations of illegal immigrants during his first 100 days in office. And he offered free healthcare to illegal aliens.


There's a reason the president of Mexico has not yet congratulated Joe Biden. He doesn't want tens of thousands of Central Americans walking through his country on their way to the United States. 


Trump convinced Mexico to deploy 17,000 troops on its southern border. He told Central American nations that if they want foreign aid, they must stop the caravans. Biden won't do that.


Biden has vowed "on day one" to repeal President Trump's travel restrictions on nations that are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism. To be clear, Biden wants to allow more immigration from nations like Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.




Fox In A Free Fall


Fox News host Bret Baier recently posted an innocuous tweet asking viewers to join him and Martha McCallum for their 8:00 PM show. More than 22,000 people commented on the tweet, and the remarks were 100 to 1 negative against Fox News. It wasn't long before Baier deleted his tweet. 


It seems Fox's conservative base isn't happy with the network's leftward drift of late, and they aren't just posting angry comments online. Fox, which has long dominated the cable news space, is losing viewership.


Nothing is permanent, but Rupert Murdoch might want to call his office. Fox News has a big problem.




Defending Freedom


Remember Mark and Patricia McCloskey? They are the St. Louis couple who defended their home from a mob that broke down the gates to their community and trespassed on their property. They are being prosecuted by left-wing local officials in St. Louis.


Mark McCloskey spoke with Maria Bartiromo this morning and warned about the danger conservative Americans are facing from the left's intolerance. Referring to efforts to compile "enemies lists" of Trump supporters and donors, Mark McCloskey said:


"What country do we live in? Is this Stalinist Russia? . . . I'm shocked that in the United States of America major politicians and political forces are actually talking about creating a list of political adversaries for retribution. . .


"That's the way the left crushes its opposition, by threatening their employment, threatening their social standing, threatening to harangue them for the rest of their lives. That's not democracy. That's totalitarianism."


He's right. Which is why it is so infuriating to see people like Mitt Romney falling all over themselves to congratulate the candidates who rode that left-wing force to power. Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall Romney saying one word against the left-wing fascism that has been unleashed in this country in recent years.




Michelle's "Deplorables"


When the news media called the election for Joe Biden this weekend, Michelle Obama was quick to tweet her congratulations, which is not surprising. But she didn't stop there. She felt the need to demonize 70 million Americans at the same time. Here's what the former first lady wrote:


"Let's remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division. We've got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead."


Don't bother to "reach out," Mrs. Obama. You have made it perfectly clear what you think about Americans who are pro-life, want lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense, are pro-Israel and believe our liberty comes from G-d.




Election Update


Here are some updates in the Trump campaign's efforts to expose cheating and fraud in the election.


·     RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced yesterday that the party has received 131 affidavits and more than "2,800 incident reports" regarding voting irregularities in Michigan. McDaniel also noted that two new lawsuits have been filed.

·     Ken Starr blasted the election manipulation by the liberal governor of Pennsylvania as "a constitutional travesty."

·     Sen. Lindsey Graham said there are reports of potential illegal ballot harvesting at Pennsylvania nursing homes.

·     It's been noted that the rate of rejection of Pennsylvania mail-in ballots is 30 times less this year than it was just four years ago. That's not possible unless ballots are not being properly scrutinized.

·     In Arizona, Biden's lead has dropped below 15,000 votes with more than 60,000 ballots left to be counted.

·     In Wisconsin, Republicans are raising questions about whether tens of thousands of voters illegally evaded voter ID requirements.

·     Attorney General William Barr has authorized the Department of Justice to investigate "substantial allegations" of voter fraud.

·     Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell strongly defended the president yesterday, saying he is "100 percent within his rights" to question voting irregularities and "weigh his legal options." McConnell also blasted liberals for spending the last four years refusing to accept the results of the last election.


Speaking of the last election, exactly when did Russia interfere in the Clinton/Trump contest? Well, that was 2016, so that would be during the Obama Administration. What did Barack Obama and Joe Biden do about it? Nothing


Of course, Russia tried again in 2020. But this time the Trump Administration was ready and we shut it down. The administration also hit Iran with cyberattacks to prevent their election meddling efforts.




A Divided Nation


A new poll finds that less than half of registered voters think Biden legitimately won the election, while half thinks he did not or isn't sure. That's not surprising given all the concerns I outlined above. 


That's the same split we saw on Election Day, and it's a sad commentary on the state of our elections that so many Americans have such little confidence in our own system.




Goodbye, Harry


I am deeply saddened by the news that my friend Bishop Harry Jackson has died. Jackson was a leading a voice of conservatism in the black community and a member of President Trump's faith advisory board. I have worked with Bishop Jackson many times over the years to advance our shared pro-family, pro-life policies.


He tirelessly supported the president's reelection efforts, and I recently joined him at a campaign appearance in Ohio. This summer he released a new book, entitled, "A Manifesto: Christian America's Contract with Minorities." 


His leadership in Washington will be deeply missed, but I have no doubt that he has been welcomed home to the words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."


Please join Carol and me in praying for Bishop Jackson's family and his congregation at Hope Christian Church.