Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

An Officer Died & The Left Lied

Late yesterday, and without any fanfare, the Washington, D.C., medical examiner's office announced that Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes on January 7th after suffering two strokes. 

Officer Sicknick was a U.S. military veteran, and he did his job protecting the Capitol. His family deserves our full support and prayers.  Yet, in spite of his family's pleas not to politicize his death, that's exactly what the left did for its own political gain.

It would have been better if the breach of the Capitol Building had never happened on January 6th. But it is absolutely clear that there was an intentional effort by the left to label those events as an "insurrection," and to smear the entire conservative movement as illegitimate, violent and a danger to the country. 

For weeks, virtually every media outlet referred to January 6th as a "deadly insurrection." Many outlets also said that Officer Sicknick had been bludgeoned to death by Trump supporters. All of that was a lie, and we knew it very early on

But the New York Times didn't correct its inaccurate reporting until well after the false narrative had taken root all over the country, and, most tellingly, only after the president's impeachment trial had concluded.

So, now we know that the only person who suffered the consequences of deadly force on January 6th was Ashli Babbitt, a former U.S. military veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. To this day, we still do not know the name of the Capitol Hill security officer who shot her.


The Left's Propaganda

Let's review what happened over the past year. 

·     Throughout 2020, there were many "insurrections" across America in which federal courthouses, ICE offices, police departments and historic monuments all came under attack from radical leftists. Dozens of people were killed, including law enforcement personnel

·     Not only did Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rarely condemn the violence, their staff did their best to bail out the rioters as quickly as they were arrested. (Here and here.)

·     Before COVID hit, there were many Trump rallies all over the country. Conservatives leaving the events were often attacked by violent leftists

·     Those of us who attended the last night of the 2020 Republican National Convention at the White House had to run a gauntlet of crazed radicals to get back to our cars. 

·     The White House itself was under siege for days. More than 60 Secret Service agents were injured. 


None of this was labeled an "insurrection" by congressional liberals. 

None of this was taken by the media as evidence of an extremism problem on the left that needed to be subdued and dealt with. 

But after just one event on Capitol Hill, in which no one died other than Trump supporters, the entire federal law enforcement apparatus and the media have established a false narrative that conservatives are violent and the left is just seeking social justice. 

That is the very definition of propaganda.


Waters Is Out Of Order

Yesterday, we reported on the outrageous comments by Rep. Maxine Waters, urging protesters in Minneapolis to "get more confrontational." 

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said Waters "borrowed precisely from the Ku Klux Klan" by trying to intimidate the jury, which is now deliberating the fate of Police Office Derek Chauvin, who is facing charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Not surprisingly, Chauvin's defense team seized on the congresswoman's remarks to demand a mistrial. Judge Peter Cahill denied the request, but then said this:

"Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned. . . 

"I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch. . . if they want to give their opinions they should do so in a respectful [manner] . . . consistent with their oath to the Constitution, to respect the co-equal branch of government. Their failure to do so is abhorrent!"


When Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to go to Capitol Hill and peacefully let members of Congress know how they felt, virtually every media outlet said that was an "incitement to insurrection."

Yet, when a progressive committee chairwoman goes to a city where there is a violent insurrection taking place night after night and urges people to be "more confrontational," that's just free speech. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Maxine Waters had nothing to apologize for. And as Professor Jonathan Turley noted, Waters just undermined her own lawsuit against President Donald Trump's alleged "incitement."

Some reports suggest that other congressional liberals are seething at Waters. I'm not reassured at all. I haven't heard one House Democrat publicly speak out against her, proving yet again that the radical left is in full control.


Bush Is Back

After staying relatively silent for the past twelve years, former President George W. Bush has reemerged on the national scene with a big new project. 

I know the former president fairly well. I competed against him in the 2000 Republican presidential primaries, and was in a number of presidential debates with him. 

But I am sorry to say that George W. Bush is a globalist. He's all in for virtually unregulated international trade. To this day, he seems clueless about the damage so-called "free trade policies" inflicted on working and middle-class Americans in the heartland.

In one of the most heated exchanges we had in the debates, Bush dug his heels in on more trade with communist China. Bush said I would be shocked at how quickly trade would change communist China if only we engaged with their entrepreneurs. 

Well, as we know, trade with China didn't change communist China. It changed us. It turned American capitalists into lobbyists for communist China. It made American businessmen apologists for the regime's repeated atrocities.

Sadly, Bush is proving once again that he is tone deaf about the mood of America. His new project is promoting more immigration

Obviously, the public opposes illegal immigration. But Bush might be shocked to find that the public doesn't want more legal immigration either.

Recent polling shows that 60% of swing voters want legal immigration cut in half. That's understandable given that we're still recovering from the pandemic. Twenty million Americans are still unemployed or underemployed.

Why President Bush thinks this is the time to go all in on sending more of our jobs overseas while bringing more of the world into America beats me. I am begging him to find something else to do in his retirement.


Trump's Plans

Former President Donald Trump was interviewed last night by Sean Hannity on his Fox News show. Asked about running again in 2024, Trump gave the strongest signal yet that he's planning a comeback bid. He told Hannity, "I am looking at it very seriously. Beyond seriously."