Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Most Fear The Federal Government

Ronald Reagan once said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: “I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” It turns out most Americans still agree with the Gipper.

A recent Pew Research Center for the People and the Press poll found that 53% of Americans believe the federal government threatens their personal rights and freedoms. That’s up from 45% in 2003 and 36% in 1995.

Distrust of the federal government is not felt by just conservative Republicans, 76% of whom feel threated by the government. Fifty-five percent of moderates feel the same way.

Some establishment Republicans get nervous about the Tea Party. Big media has succeeded in marginalizing the movement to the point where even many conservatives are reluctant to associate with it. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. Distrust of the federal government is a core Tea Party belief, and it’s shared by most Americans.

A Cautionary Tale

As the Boy Scouts consider whether to cave to the cultural left and allow open homosexuals to serve as scout masters, they might consider what happened in Canada when Scouts Canada began allowing gays to serve. In the late 1990s, in an effort to be more “inclusive,” the board of governors of Scouts Canada decided to admit females, atheists, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals into scouting. You can well guess what happened next.

Scouting membership immediately plummeted, to less than half of their original size. Pushing its ideal of political correctness and its version of tolerance, the Left has been on a decades-long campaign to destroy many of America’s most revered institutions, including the media and the military. Now it wants to do the same to the Boy Scouts.

America’s Coming Demographic Disaster

I rarely endorse books in my End-of-Day report, but I’ve got one that’s simply too important to pass up. Jonathan Last, senior writer at The Weekly Standard, has just published a fascinating book called “What to Expect When No One’s Expecting.”

The left has long preached that the world suffers from over-population. That theory was debunked decades ago. But, as Last details, not only does the world—and specifically America—not have too many people, it in fact has too few. Last’s book is an excellent exploration of how falling birthrates threaten our nation. You can order a copy here.