Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Liberal Insanity 

I am becoming increasingly convinced that the worldview of many on the left is simply insane. There is no other word to describe it. I was reminded of this in the last couple of days by some recent events that have taken place in our schools. These incidents speak volumes about the bizarre set of values that direct leftist thinking. But I am most concerned about the effect it has on normal little American boys and girls. 

From the city of Fountain, Colorado, comes news of liberal parents who believe their little boy is actually a little girl on the "inside." They are insisting that their six-year old son be allowed to attend classes dressed as a girl and that he be allowed to use the girls' bathroom. 

Eagle Elementary School was initially willing to accommodate this young transvestite/transgender. But in December the school changed its policy and informed the parents that their son could no longer use the girls' restrooms. Last week, with the help of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, the parents filed a discrimination complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division. 

Meanwhile in Maryland, a state dominated by the left, there has been another incident demonstrating just how dangerous food can be. On the morning of Friday, March 1st, a seven year-old boy in the D.C. suburbs of Anne Arundel County was eating a breakfast pastry. (Apparently Michelle Obama's food police were on vacation that day.) After taking a few bites, the boy noticed that his pastry looked like a gun, and he said, "Bang, bang." 

In my world, this should have gone unnoticed as the normal imagination of a little boy. But in the left's world, the boy was suspended for two days. School officials were so shaken by the incident that they sent a letter home to every parent, warning them that food was used by a child for an inappropriate gesture and that child was removed from class. The letter went on to say that school counselors would be available to talk to any children who were troubled by the incident. 

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Was the pastry a "pop" tart? 

On a more serious note, it is impossible to deny the cultural left's grip on our public education system: explicit sex education, American history that is all too often anti-American revisionism; introducing the radical homosexual agenda at the earliest ages; blocking Judeo-Christian values at the schoolhouse door; and gun-free zones that will never stop a killer. 

Now hard-left political correctness has made a criminal out of a seven year-old playing with a pastry, while turning a six year-old cross-dresser into the latest civil rights hero. 

A House Divided? 

With the fiscal cliff and the sequester behind them, House Republicans are looking ahead to the next budget battle. Congress must pass another short-term funding measure by the end of the month in order to avoid a government shutdown.

Some may say, "Shut it down!" But some House Republicans are worried. The last time they did that, under Newt Gingrich, they lost the PR war. The public rallied around a charismatic Democrat president (Bill Clinton) who defended popular services. He was easily reelected in the next election. 

Yesterday House Republicans introduced legislation to keep the government running for the remainder of the fiscal year and they also proposed some tweaks in the sequester law. Before anyone accuses the GOP leadership of betrayal, it is important to know that the $85 billion in spending reductions will stay in place. 

Because President Obama is refusing to use his authority to make responsible cuts, the House plan restores some funding to the Pentagon and provides additional resources for embassy security, which is understandable in the wake of the Benghazi attacks. 

The bill also provides a boost to the FBI, and prohibits immigration officials from releasing illegal immigrants. This additional spending is paid for by extending a salary freeze on federal employees, including members of Congress. 

At the same time, there is another battle brewing. Some House conservatives are pushing a more aggressive balanced budget plan. Other conservatives are urging caution because such a plan would likely violate a promise not to affect the Medicare and Social Security benefits of those older than 55. Americans that close to retiring have been planning on a certain level of benefits. 

Here's my take on the split: No balanced budget plan, whether it is 10 years or 20 years, is going to become law as long as Washington remains so bitterly divided. The only thing that proposing new and deeper cuts in Medicare and Social Security will do is provide fodder for left-wing TV ads designed to scare senior citizens.

We need to restore fiscal sanity, but it is important that congressional conservatives offer more than just cuts and austerity. While it is important to cut unnecessary spending, economic growth will do more than anything else to close the budget deficit. 

The Bible Scores Big! 

Now for some encouraging news.

The New York Post reports that the History Channel's mini-series "The Bible" scored a record audience of 13 million viewers, "the year's best numbers for a cable entertainment series." For comparison, 8.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the season finale of "Downton Abbey," another hit show.

Of course, the Bible is far more than just entertainment. Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey said, "This #1 series is a tribute to all those who have helped us to spread the Word."  And it shows that in spite of the incredible hostility of Hollywood and media elites, there are millions of Americans who are drawn to stories of faith, with messages of hope and redemption.