Turning Parents Into Terrorists, Intimidation & Harassment, Governors Fight Back

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Turning Parents Into Terrorists


The left's attack on American freedom just got a whole lot worse. The Biden Administration is ordering the FBI to investigate parents who allegedly threaten school board members. 


So, let's get this straight: The radical forces indoctrinating your children are trying to shut you up by utilizing the same agency, the FBI, that the left used to smear Donald Trump with the fake Russia collusion hoax. 


Of course, no one should be physically threatened. In the rare cases where that actually happens, local law enforcement is more than able to handle it. So why is the FBI getting involved? 


The American people are absolutely disgusted with the indoctrination that's going on in our public schools. They're sick and tired of the "hate America history" our kids are being taught. They're outraged by Marxist critical race theory and so-called "equity" instruction that sees racism under every bed and around every corner.


Nearly every family in America has experienced the heartbreak of having a child or grandchild radicalized by leftists in our public schools against family, faith and freedom. Thankfully, parents have woken up to the anti-American indoctrination, and they're fighting back. Recall efforts against left-wing school board members are surging across the country.


The grassroots insurrection (Yes, I said it!) against the indoctrination in our schools threatens the left's political power and it's running scared. So, the next time a school board meeting gets heated, angry parents will be accused of being "domestic terrorists" and will be warned that they may be reported to the FBI. 


Let's be clear: This has nothing to do with preventing violence at school board meetings, which is virtually non-existent. The left has been attacking parental rights for decades, but now it's pretending to be the victim when parents stand up and say, "ENOUGH!"


On Fox News this morning, former Education Secretary Bill Bennett, my old colleague in the Reagan Administration, said this is simply an effort to intimidate parents into silence. 

He's right. That's what the left always does – it tries to silence opponents and shut down debate. 


But you must not be silent! 


Bill Bennett and I have warned about the left's grip on public education for years. We fought the left-wing educational establishment when we served in the Reagan Administration. The book Dr. James Dobson and I wrote together, Children At Risk, was all about the left's desire to seize the hearts and minds of our children. 


Fortunately, Dr. Bennett is working on an accurate, pro-America history curriculum that will be suitable for all schools, public and religious. It can't come soon enough!


My friends, this is our country. You pay the salaries of public school teachers and school board members. They don't get to dictate to us! They're public servants who work for us!  


This is a serious moment in America. Be not afraid. Speak up for your children. If we love this country and want to preserve freedom, we must be courageous!




Intimidation & Harassment


As we reported, Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema was followed into a women's restroom last week and hounded by radical Soros-funded activists to support the obscene $3.5 trillion socialist wish list. Sinema denounced the pressure tactics as "wholly inappropriate" and "unacceptable."


But the left isn't backing down. Yesterday, Sinema was confronted at Reagan National Airport by environmental activists while she was on the phone. She was also harassed on an airplane by an immigration activist who literally got in her face.


Imagine if a group of Trump supporters followed Nancy Pelosi into a women's restroom and harassed her over any particular issue. Where do you think we would be this morning? Very possibly federal agents would be knocking down the doors of those people's homes.


I know exactly what Sinema is going through. I have dealt with the left's vitriol my entire career fighting for our values. I have been harassed in airports and in other public venues. There was a time when I had 24-hour private security because of vile threats from "tolerant" leftists against me and my family.


The people doing this are socialist shock troopers, not much different than the brownshirts who beat up their political opponents in 1930s Germany.  They are demanding that Sinema do their bidding and support the biggest expansion of government in modern history. 


Yesterday, President Biden was asked about the socialist shock troops who are harassing two Senate Democrats. He shrugged it off as "part of the process." 


So much for toning down the rhetoric and trying to unite the country. As I have said before, Joe Biden is not a nice guy. 


This "process" of smears and intimidation is what Marxists do. They did it to Clarence Thomas, to Brett Kavanaugh, to members of the Trump Administration and to anyone who defends normalcy in America. 


Remember Maxine Waters urging radical activists to chase conservatives out of restaurants and department stores? The left's harassment nearly got Steve Scalise killed.  This is the process they have been using to "fundamentally transform America." 


By the way, if the FBI has so much free time that it's going to start monitoring parents at school board meetings, maybe it should provide some protection for Senators Manchin and Sinema against Biden's socialist shock troops. Or maybe the FBI could investigate the radical school board members who threatened concerned parents!




He Hates Unborn Children


Here's another reason Joe Biden is not a nice guy. While the country is deeply divided over abortion, it is not divided when it comes to forcing taxpayers to pay for someone else's abortion. 


But Biden regularly takes some action to ensure that millions of pro-life Americans are implicated in the carnage by giving our hard-earned tax dollars to groups that destroy innocent unborn babies. Yesterday, he reversed another pro-life Trump rule that prevented tax dollars from going to organizations that provide referrals for abortions. 


Thanks to Joe Biden, you're now paying the salaries of pro-abortion workers at so-called "family planning clinics," and you're paying for the pro-abortion propaganda that is being pushed on vulnerable women. 




Do Your Own Vetting


As you know, tens of thousands of Afghans were brought to the U.S. with virtually no vetting. While we may know some of the Afghan translators who worked closely with the U.S. military, Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas said those people were a very small percentage of the Afghans we brought into the country. 


But guess what? Just like we don't secure our borders, we're not securing our military bases either. 


Hundreds of Afghans who have not been vetted have just walked away. We have no idea where they are. Evidently, there is no law requiring them to stay on base during the resettlement process.


I wish I could say, "Just kidding! I'm making it all up." But that's exactly what is happening. Thanks to Biden's open border policies, we could have Afghans running into Haitians as they're both walking into the United States! 




Governors Fight Back


Governors from eleven states, including Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming, are meeting tomorrow at the border town of Mission, Texas. These states aren't on the border, but that's the point of the conference. 


The governors are meeting to protest Biden's reckless open border policies that have turned every state into a border state. The effects of our wide-open border are being felt all over the country as fentanyl deaths are surging. 


What's that got to do with the border? Well, communist China is making the fentanyl that drug cartels are sending across the border, which we are leaving wide open in the name of compassion. 


That "compassion" is not only allowing sex trafficking, it's causing deaths all across America from drug overdoses.