Vote Now, Anti-Semitic Hate, A Moment of Moral Clarity

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Vote Now!


If you live in the handful of states with critical “off-year elections” today, please go vote now if you haven’t already done so. 


There are important races for governor, state legislature, school board races and ballot measures in Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We will have an update on the results tomorrow.




Anti-Semitic Hate


We’ve been reporting on the disturbing hate-filled marches taking place all over America – in our major cities, on our university campuses and even in our high schools. There is real violence happening, too. 


In Indianapolis, Ruba Almaghtheh, a 34 year-old Palestinian woman, admitted to police that she drove her car into what she thought was a Jewish school. She told police that she was offended by the Star of David on the front of the building. 


“Yes, I did it on purpose,” she said. Local authorities are investigating the incident as a hate crime. 


Ironically, it turns out that the building she attacked wasn’t a Jewish school, but was associated with the Black Hebrew Israelites, which the Anti-Defamation League describes as an “extreme anti-Semitic sect.”


Last week, a mini-mob at Harvard University assaulted an Israeli student. The crowd surrounded him, pushed him and grabbed him in a demonstration of raw, physical intimidation. 


Thankfully, there is video of the assault, and at least two of the attackers have been identified. 


One is Ibrahim Bharmal. He is co-president of the Harvard South Asian Law Students Association and an editor of the Harvard Law Review. The other attacker is Elom Tettey Tamaklo, a graduate student at Harvard’s Divinity School and a founder of Harvard Graduate Students 4 Palestine.


Demonstrations in Los Angeles got out of control this week. An anti-Israel protester hit Paul Kessler, an elderly Jewish man, in the head with a megaphone. Kessler fell onto the sidewalk and later died from his injuries.


One senior Israeli leader responded to the news by writing on social media, “Paul Kessler was killed in Los Angeles because he was a Jew.  It is not because of Gaza. It is because of anti-Semitism.  This is what happens when protesters glorify Hamas and call to ‘globalize the intifada.’”


As the anti-Semitic violence continues, I’m sure President Biden, any day now, will issue a forceful statement telling his radical Islamist allies to stop engaging in anti-Semitic attacks. See next item.




Biden’s Wrong Again


Biden surrogates will be out in force in Florida tomorrow. Top Democrats from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker will be in the Sunshine State to condemn extremism. 


But not the extremism that is contributing to skyrocketing anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews. Instead, these left-wing luminaries will be shining a spotlight on “MAGA extremism” and the threat it allegedly poses to America. 


There’s only one problem: There is no MAGA violence. No MAGA supporters are attacking Jews or abortion clinics or harassing liberal students on campus. All that is coming from one direction.


It’s radical Islamists who are attacking Jews. It’s radical abortion supporters who are attacking pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. It’s so-called “progressives” who are attacking conservative students on campus. And Joe Biden won’t talk about any of it. 


Instead, he only wants to demonize Christian conservatives as “semi-fascist.” 




Manifesto Update


Nashville Police Chief John Drake today confirmed the authenticity of the leaked pages of the Nashville Christian school shooter’s alleged manifesto. An investigation into the leak is underway and two officers are reportedly facing termination.


God bless the leaker or leakers who had the courage to release this information. 


Most stories about the manifesto have ignored basic facts, such as the fact that the shooter was turned into an anti-white racist and was taking hormones to transition from a woman into a man. 


When the horrible shooting at the Nashville Christian school first took place, several articles quoted people as saying, “I knew her when she was younger. She was a delightful young lady.” The vice president of the art college she attended described her as “the sweetest little thing.”


We all ought to be asking, “What happened to her?”


How did a delightful young lady become such a hateful anti-white, anti-Christian bigot? 


How did a “sweet” young lady become convinced she was a man trapped in a woman’s body? 


Who convinced her of these insane things?


An obvious answer jumped out at me. 


Our schools are filled with transgender ideology. They are filled with critical race theory and “diversity, equity and inclusion” curricula that are racist, that teach all whites are oppressors and all minorities are oppressed. 


Transgender social media outlets are filled with hysteria about “trans genocide” and violent rhetoric against those who dare to question the “trans supremacy” agenda.


This should cause the residents of Nashville to take a very hard look at what their children are being subjected to in the city’s schools. And it should cause every parent, grandparent and taxpayer to vote out the leftist ideologues on our school boards.




A Moment of Moral Clarity


We’ve reported before about the ongoing controversy in Montgomery County, Maryland, a progressive suburb of Washington, D.C. Far-left radicals on the school board not only decided to incorporate a lot of bizarre material into sex ed lessons and more, they also decided to take away the ability of parents to opt their children out of such extreme lessons.


This radical assault on parental rights had the immediate effect of unifying the very diverse community. The divisions between faith and ethnic groups were quickly erased when it came down to the right of parents to protect their children. Christian, Jewish and Muslim parents came together to protest this blatant attack on their values.


But the left-wing bureaucrats are ignoring the parents. So, they are taking their case to the federal courts, and the lines have been clearly drawn.


Twenty-three state attorneys general (all conservatives) filed a brief in the court siding with the fundamental rights of parents to raise and control the education of their children. 


Nineteen state attorneys general (all progressives) filed a brief saying our kids are property of the state, and that the state will dictate what and when they learn about complicated issues of sex and gender, which leftists have completely warped now. 


What is happening in this lawsuit is a perfect example of the irreconcilable split in America today. 


One side in this dispute can’t even tell you what a woman is! That’s as basic as it gets. Why on earth would anyone trust them to manage anything else?!


But only one worldview is going to prevail in the culture war.


I know folks in Mississippi or Missouri might be thinking, “Well, Gary, that’s one community in a blue, coastal state. Of course, they’re going to do crazy things. But that will never happen here.”


Think again. 


Every time the left gets control of the White House and Congress, they move aggressively to force all the states to do what the liberal states are doing. That’s the problem. They don’t believe in federalism. 


Joe Biden’s administration has threatened to starve poor children (here and here) unless local schools accept the insane idea that boys should be able to use girls’ bathrooms. 


For all the left’s talk about tolerance, they don’t have any. They mean to force you to kneel at their progressive altar, especially if it offends your religious beliefs.