Watching The Watchers, Major Battles Ahead, North American Nonsense

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Watching The Watchers


True to their word, the new Republican House majority voted yesterday to establish a special committee to investigate the abuse of power by the Deep State. 


The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government will be led by House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, one of the most stalwart conservatives in Congress today.


The committee is charged with investigating how federal agencies “collect, compile, analyze, use, or disseminate information about citizens of the United States, including any unconstitutional, illegal, or unethical activities committed against citizens of the United States.”


Rep. Jordan has publicly pointed out the amazing timeline of how leftists at the White House coordinated with leftists at the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to trigger government intimidation of concerned parents at school board meetings.


·     On September 29, 2021, the NSBA sent its infamous letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland suggesting that the Patriot Act be used against angry parents. 

·     On October 4th, Garland announced that he was ordering the FBI to take action.

·     That same day, the Justice Department urged people to call the FBI’s national tip line to turn in their neighbors if they thought they were a threat to the school board. 

·     On November 18th, we learned that the FBI was using “threat tags” to target concerned parents at school board meetings, essentially labeling these moms and dads as “domestic terrorists.”


Have you ever heard of Big Government taking action this quickly? This remarkably speed by the government shows just how much of a priority it is for the left to criminalize conservatism. 


Sadly, we know that leftists within the FBI willingly promoted a fake Russian collusion narrative to hurt Donald Trump. 


We know that leftists within multiple Big Government agencies worked with leftists in Big Tech to censor conservatives online.


These agencies wink at obvious corruption. They allowed Hillary Clinton to misuse classified material, but they raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.


The FBI hasn’t arrested one person for the dozens of vicious attacks against churches and crisis pregnancy centers since Roe v. Wade was overturned.  But it has arrested pro-life activists who prayed at abortion clinics.


They are violating multiple constitutional rights that countless people have died to protect, and they are ruining the lives of thousands who have done nothing wrong. 


This abuse of power is dangerous. It is an existential threat to our Republic. If left unchecked, it will destroy our freedom. 




Major Battles Ahead


Jordan’s investigation needs to have as many resources, if not more, than the ridiculous kangaroo court known as the January 6th Committee. And it is not enough to merely uncover “the bad apples” in these agencies and what programs are being used to go after law-abiding Americans for the “crime” of resisting socialism. 


I know many of you are probably thinking, “What can they really do? They only have the House?” 


Well, for starters, they can make criminal referrals to demonstrate the seriousness of these abuses. But this is where the power of the purse comes into play, and it is long past time for Congress to reassert its oversight responsibility and its funding authority. 


Any official who engaged in such abuses should have their salaries zeroed out, and agency offices should be defunded until clear safeguards are put in place. And I am pleased to report that the new House majority has taken the first step in this process. 


One of the provisions just adopted in the “controversial” rules package demanded by House conservatives is known as the Holman Rule. It allows Congress to defund individual programs and even zero-out the salaries of individual federal employees.


Use of the Holman Rule will undoubtedly set up major battles with the progressive-dominated Senate.  The House majority must hold strong if Senate liberals, along with appeasement-minded Senate Republicans, attempt to block these cuts. 


And 20 brave House conservatives just showed us how that’s done. They forced the rest of the GOP caucus to do the right thing – precisely what the entire House GOP caucus must now do when dealing with the Biden White House, Senate liberals and spineless GOP senators who can’t wait to be “bipartisan.”




About Those Documents. . .


At a press conference in Mexico City yesterday (see next item), a reporter threw a big softball to President Biden, asking, “Can you explain how classified documents ended up in one of your offices?”


Biden immediately looked down and fumbled through what was very likely a prepared statement that was supposed to settle the issue. He repeated that he was a “professor at Penn,” which he wasn’t


He referred to “some documents in a box” that were found in a closet in “that office.” He claimed that he had no idea what they were, and said his lawyers suggested he shouldn’t ask to be told.


Well, these weren’t just “some documents.” They were classified documents. 


This wasn’t just “some office.” It was his office. 


And it wasn’t just some random Washington, D.C., center. It was his center. 


As I noted yesterday, the FBI raided Trump’s home because he had classified documents for over a year. Biden had these classified documents for more than five years! 


Presidents have authority to declassify documents. That’s what Trump said he did. Vice presidents – not so much. So, this is worse than what Trump was raked over the coals for, and the media are suggesting that it’s no big deal.


And there’s also the China angle. The University of Pennsylvania accepted tens of millions of dollars from sources inside communist China after it announced the formation of the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.


By the way, the classified documents reportedly involved U.S. intelligence memos related to Ukraine, Iran and Great Britain. 


As we know, Obama and Biden got us into a nuclear deal with Iran.  Hunter Biden was up to his eyeballs in shady business dealings in Ukraine. And British security agencies -- from former spy Christopher Steele to the British equivalent of the NSA -- were part of the effort to smear Donald Trump with the Russia collusion hoax.


Gee, what else could be in Biden’s secret documents?




North American Nonsense


President Biden was in Mexico City for the tenth North American Leaders’ Summit with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They issued a joint declaration outlining their primary goals and objectives for the summit. And here they are in order:


1) Diversity, equity, and inclusion

2) Climate change and the environment

3) Competitiveness

4) Migration and development

5) Health

6) Regional security.


Notice that left-wing ideological nonsense tops the list, while the most important issue -- security -- is at the bottom.


If you thought “migration” had anything remotely to do with border security, think again. The “three amigos” simply reaffirmed their “joint commitment to safe, orderly, and humane migration under the Los Angeles Declaration and other relevant multilateral frameworks.” 


In other words, it was a commitment to open borders and the left’s insane idea that illegal aliens have a right to cross our borders to take jobs wherever and whenever they want.


Here’s all you need to know: Mexico’s president publicly thanked Biden . . . for not building even “one meter” of border wall.




Confronting Communist China


In addition to taking on the Deep State, the new House majority also created a new committee to confront the threats posed by communist China. In remarks on the House floor, Speaker McCarthy said:


"We spent decades passing policies that welcomed China into the global system. In return, China has exported oppression, aggression and anti-Americanism. Today, the power of its military and economy are growing at the expense of freedom and democracy worldwide. . . The era of trusting communist China is over."


The new committee will investigate the economic, technological and security threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party and make policy recommendations to combat those threats.