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The Timeline, RNC Day 3, A Changed Party

The Timeline


Everyone agrees that the assassination attempt on Donald Trump’s life was a catastrophic security failure. We have noted several areas where security seemed to breakdown. But looking at the timeline of events raises serious concerns.


Here’s what we know (times listed are approximate):


An Agency In Crisis, Pound The Tables, Leftists Mock Trump's Wounds

An Agency In Crisis


The explanations coming out of our government about Saturday’s security failures just don’t add up. If anything, they are creating more questions and suspicions.


We have known for a while now that Donald Trump’s Secret Service detail was insufficient. The agents were overworked and undermanned, and the resources were not what they should have been.


Eagle Or Angel, Investigation Update, Loonies Of The Left

Eagle Or Angel?


Former President Trump has made it clear that he believes God saved him from the assassin’s bullet Saturday evening. He is as clear about that as Ronald Reagan was about God saving him from an assassination attempt in 1981. It’s not surprising that this view is being attacked by leftists and even a Wall Street Journal columnist.


Trump's Choice, The Hater-In-Chief, Faith Under Fire

Trump’s Choice


Former President Donald Trump announced today that Ohio Senator J.D. Vance will be his vice presidential running mate, just as our unofficial poll predicted last week.


Biden Survives, Targeting Terrorists, Your VP Pick

Biden Survives. . . For Now


With a growing number of congressional Democrats calling on President Joe Biden to drop out of the race, his performance was under the microscope yesterday during closing ceremonies at the NATO summit. Many saw it as a “make-or-break” moment for his candidacy.


Well, as one political reporter put it, the result was “probably the worst-case scenario” for the Democrat Party.


The Left Threatens Democracy, Defending Our Daughters, The Left Threatens Freedom

The Left Threatens Democracy


Late yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted on the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, or SAVE Act. The legislation would amend the 1993 Motor Voter law to require proof of citizenship when someone registers to vote to ensure that illegal aliens are not voting in our elections.


Seems like a no-brainer, right? Who could possibly be against ensuring the integrity of our elections and the democratic process?


Dobson vs. Biden, Poll Position, Enemies Of The People

Dobson vs. Biden


As you know, I am also working with the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute (JDFI) as Senior Vice President of Public Policy.


Working with Dr. James Dobson, Founder Chairman of JDFI, and Joe Waresak, President of JDFI, we recently wrote a devastating letter (with sources) condemning the disastrous policies and radical agenda the Biden/Harris administration is imposing on the American people.


In a statement, the JDFI leadership declared:


The Left's Illegal Voters, Betting On Biden, NATO's In Town

The Left’s Illegal Voters


The House of Representatives will hold an important vote this week on commonsense legislation that everyone should support. The vote ought to be unanimous. But it won’t be.


Speaker Mike Johnson has put the SAVE Act (Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act) on the House calendar for an on-the-record vote. The legislation is very simple: If you want to register to vote, you must provide proof of citizenship because only American citizens should be voting in our elections.


Mystery Solved, A Real Crisis, Media Malfeasance

Mystery Solved


If you were to read Joe Biden’s remarks in a transcript of last month’s CNN debate, you’d be left thinking, “Well, that’s not good.” But your impression of his performance was much worse if you heard and saw him in the debate.


Celebrate Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day


Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays -- celebrating patriotism, our history, and the tremendous courage, faith, and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers. As America’s birthday approaches, by all means, celebrate America and our freedoms!


But I do have one request.


Please take a moment to remind your children and grandchildren about America’s exceptionalism and the significance of Independence Day.