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Violence Mars Memorial, Kowtowing To Communist China, Fire Fauci

Violence Mars Memorial


China Lied & Millions Died, A Tale Of Two Investigations, One Year Later has been sent

China Lied & Millions Died


When the coronavirus was ravaging America and the world last year, a debate erupted over its origin. One view was that someone in China ate an infected bat and caught the disease.  A year and a half later, 600,000 Americans and 3.5 million people around the world were dead.


The Trump Administration raised a more likely possibility -- that COVID leaked from a bio-research lab known to be experimenting with these types of viruses in Wuhan, China, the same city where COVID-19 first appeared. 


Jew-Hatred On The Rise, Stop Importing Hate, Our Open Borders

Jew-Hatred On The Rise


About That Ceasefire, Rising Anti-Semitism, Biden's Race Baiting

About That Ceasefire


Yesterday a ceasefire was announced between the nation of Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. That's good news. So, what about President Biden's role in all of this?


First, he had absolutely nothing to do with the ceasefire, in spite of his efforts to act like he brokered it. He did not.


Left-wing Lies, Biden's Blunders, Divided Democrats

Left-wing Lies


Amid reports of a potential cease-fire, scores of Hamas rockets continued to rain down on Israeli communities, and Hamas terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli bus. 


Biden Caves, Bibi Responds, Biden's Border Crisis

Biden Caves


As you know, support for Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, is one of my passions. I have worked with Pastor John Hagee and his wonderful organization, Christians United for Israel. Pastor Hagee and I played a major role in helping the Trump Administration develop the policies that made it the most pro-Israel administration in modern history.


Mixed Messages On The Middle East, Standing With Israel, Marxists In The Military

Mixed Messages On The Middle East


While Joe Biden continues to figure out how he can surrender to Iran, he has found a way to surrender to the socialist Squad. 


Anti-Semitism Abounds, ICE Abolished, CRT Strikes Again

Anti-Semitism Abounds


CDC To The Rescue, About That Energy Crisis, Stop Appeasing Iran

CDC To The Rescue?


The CDC is finally starting to follow the science. That's not just my opinion. Even the New York Times is saying it. Consider these excerpts:


Biden's Open Borders, Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes, The Left vs. Israel

Biden's Open Borders


After 500,000 illegal aliens crossed our southern border this year, some media outlets yesterday reported that the Biden Administration had "seen the light" and would begin construction of a small portion of border wall. 


I was skeptical when I saw the report, and I was right to be skeptical. The administration rushed to reassure its radical left-wing base that it is only reinforcing a levee. There will be no additional border wall construction.