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Real Olympic Gold II, Biden's Border Scandal, Biden v. DeSantis

Real Olympic Gold II


Real Olympic Gold, More Muddled Messages, Trump's Pull In The GOP

Real Olympic Gold


Did you see her? I'm serious, you have to watch her! I'm talking about Tamyra Mensah-Stock


The Blame Game, Biden's Picks, Muppet Madness

The Blame Game


A Big Bad Bill, The Protests Continue, About That Lab

A Big, Bad Bill


America's Got Buyer's Remorse, He's No FDR, Pelosi's Power Trip

America's Got Buyer's Remorse


Biden's Border Scandal, A Really Bad Deal, Targeting The Second Amendment

Biden's Border Scandal


I've been in Washington for a long time. I've seen a lot of bureaucratic mistakes and more than a few scandals. But I've never seen anything so suicidal for our country as what Joe Biden is doing right now. 


Fighting The Good Fight, Muddled Messages, Biden's Health Crisis

Fighting The Good Fight


If you've been around for a while in the great battle to preserve religious liberty, defend our Judeo-Christian values and the sanctity of life, you certainly know the name James Dobson. 


The COVID Contrast, A Shocking Coincidence, Confronting Communist China

The COVID Contrast


America's Crime Problem, Coddling Communist China, Liberal Injustice

America's Crime Problem


Every day the news brings more disturbing headlines of spiking crime all over the country. This isn't just petty crime like vandalism. It's vicious assaults on women, the elderly and children. It's murder, rape and mob violence. Just consider this headline: "915 Shootings In The Past Week Across The U.S., With 430 People Dead."


What's Going On, Stop Teaching Racism, Confronting Communist China

What's Going On?


I generally don't believe in conspiracy theories. But all the contradictory messages coming out of Washington lately just don't add up.