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Graham Gets It, Cheney's Crisis, BLM Leftist Arrested

Graham Gets It


Kudos to Franklin Graham! 


One of my great frustrations is that too many of America's church leaders have sat on the sidelines in the culture war. They have not only been AWOL in the battle for the heart and soul of America, but many would not even stand up for the religious liberty they are so blessed to have. 


They passively allowed liberal mayors and governors to shut them down last year, as if they need the government's permission to be open!


Trump Condemns Capitol Riot, Impeaching You, Tapper Goes Over The Top

Trump Condemns Capitol Riot


Pelosi vs. Pence, McConnell's Mess, Cheney's Charge

Pelosi vs. Pence


Late last night, the House of Representatives passed a resolution, pushed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. 


Trump & Pence Meet, Chinese Communists Inside The Gates, Trump To Texas

Trump & Pence Meet


It's no secret that after four incredible years of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this great battle for our country, President Trump and Vice President Pence found themselves on different pages heading into the closing days of the administration. 


Dark Days Ahead, Pelosi Pushes Impeachment, The Big Lie

Dark Days Ahead


For most of the day, I attended a meeting of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, focused largely on human rights and religious liberty violations in China. 


But I couldn't help but think I could just as easily have been at a meeting today about human rights and religious liberty violations here in the United States. 


The President Calls For Unity, The Left Divides America, Pelosi's "Coup"

The President Calls For Unity


Political Violence Is Unacceptable, Left-wing Hypocrisy

Political Violence Is Unacceptable


Georgia On My Mind, A "Fixed" Election, The President's speech

Georgia On My Mind


As of this writing, one of the two Georgia Senate contests has been called. Democrat Raphael Warnock has been declared the winner in his race against Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly leads Sen. David Perdue. 


The Big Fix, Put A Cork In It, About That Lab

The Big Fix


Some commentators are suggesting that millions of people think that the election was fixed because Donald Trump has been telling them that. They just don't get it. 


The reality is that many Americans have believed for years that the entire system – the culture, popular entertainment, the educational establishment, sports and, yes, the political system – is rigged against conservatives.


A Momentous Week, Pelosi's Rules, About That Call

A Momentous Week


President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden will all be in Georgia today rallying their respective bases for tomorrow's Senate runoff elections. How those races turn out is anyone's guess.


Polling, which hasn't been very accurate, suggests both contests are toss ups. The early vote figures indicate a record-breaking turnout for the runoff election, with the data suggesting a slight advantage for the Democrats.